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Thanksgiving Day

We had a good Thanksgiving Day, I really enjoyed being with my family.

The day before Thanksgiving I baked 4 Pumpkin Pies, 2 Apple Pies, 1 French Almond Cake, 1 French Vanilla Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Butter Cream Frosting, Stuffing, and baked the Sweet Potatoes. My Sweets got the turkey ready. He always makes a good and moist turkey. Yum.

Normally I love the day before Thanksgiving because of all the baking and such but this year I was tired and sick. I had some last minute shopping, so my dad took me to Target. I needed a few more pie pans. I have some but they are stored away. I was surprised to find them sold out. I was able to snag one but that was it.

Target ran out of Heavy Whipping Cream too! I guess it's believable but still, I was not happy. Thankfully my Sweets picked some up at Costco (I like their's better anyway).

So I was sneezing, a lot on Thanksgiving Eve, yes I washed my hands like crazy and didn't sneeze on any of the food. I'm very particular about that kind of stuff. My nose itched like crazy. It's still not healed all the way so I had a hard time with that as well.

Even though I wasn't feeling well I survived. Brent helped with making a Cranberry Salad.

 Here is mom skinning those apples. As you can see my cheeks are still swollen.
 Annette helping out.
 Just being her cute self.
 We like to eat between 1-3 but we ate closer to 4:00. We had turkey, ham, two kinds of sweet potato casseroles, Water Gate Salad, Cranberry Salad, Cranberry Sauce, stuffing, corn on the cob, broccoli with cheese, mash potatoes, and some rolls.
Normally we have a Green Bean Casserole but I decided to switch things up and have the corn and broccoli.
 I wasn't able to eat a lot of it but I did try a piece of turkey that was really moist. I also ate some mash potatoes, stuffing and cranberries.
 Lupe wanted to take a picture of me, as you can see I'm hot and sweaty looking. Our kitchen is so small and with having the oven on all day.....
 I was thankful the weather was nice, so we could all eat at the same time. This is the first Thanksgiving that it wasn't freezing cold. Normally it's about 30 or 40 degrees and we are huddled around the turkey fryer.

 Wow! We still had a lot of food. I always make way too much. You know, doubling up on the recipes.
Thank you Jesus for another wonderful year with my family.


  1. Oh Lou you look great! I bet you were thankful for all the hands while you weren't feeling well. You baked up a storm!

    Everything looks so good. Can you believe I forgot to take pictures.

    I know what you mean about the kitchen getting HOT! It isn't as cool as it was last year, so even having the window and door open didn't help. I ended up turning on the air conditioner.

    Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for you and your family. I miss dad too, it was great to talk to him and see him, if only in pictures. :)

  2. We miss you guys so much too! Lupe really wanted to be with you all as well. He loved having Thanksgiving with in the peach state (hope that's correct).

  3. Wow, Linda! You outdid yourself...so much baking, so many beautiful dishes. I love that you had it outside. I love the pics of you, even with your swollen cheeks you still look lovely!!! Wish I could have visited for a while and tasted some of those tasty pies!

    You are such an example to me of plowing ahead no matter the circumstance in our life.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. I'm impressed! The food looks delicious! Sorry to hear that you were sick though - hope you are doing better now. At least you had the kids to help out. :D

    Love how you all gathered outside. Thanks for sharing the pictures too. And I agree with Cynce, you look wonderful (even when you are hot).

    Love ya! --Reff


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