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Week 10/Day 1 {2012~2013}

Before writing about our school day I thought I'd show you some funny, cute, pictures of Brent and Ethan.

My photos are coming out a bit grainy. My Sweets did something to the camera about a week ago and I need to ask if he could please change back whatever he did. My camera does some weird shading thing too. I would love a new one but I need to be content and thankful that I at least have one.

 This one is of Lance and my nephew that I watch during the day. I can't wait to get some pre-school stuff going again. Everything is pdf and my printer is not working right, right now. Arrg!

As for school I was a busy little bee today. I was able to get all the guides done. Yay! It always feels like such an accomplishment when I am able to. When I say I was able to get them all done, I don't mean that I complete every, single, box in each guide. Currently I'm leaving the Storytime Boxes off CtC and Bigger. Also making the headpiece in Creation to Christ (CtC) is being omitted as well. The boys aren't really into making them and I'm okay with that.

Brent is not feeling very well so he's been sleeping most of the day. He'll have to make-up his work on Friday. This is one of the draw-backs when combing. I didn't want Caleb to do nothing today, so I had him go ahead and do his CtC school without Brent.

Caleb also completed two pages from his Mathematical Reasoning book. He misplaced his Math-U-See.

Here's what I did with Ethan, Lance, and my nephew:

Nephew~Pre-K, cutting, tracing, and introducing the letter 'A' . If Lupe is able to purchase the toner needed for our laser printer, my nephew will start Letter of the Week next week.

Rod and Staff English 3~I started this with Ethan. He completed lesson 2, putting words in alphabetical learning.

Phonics Pathways~Ethan read pages 102-103. Page 102 he was able to read pretty smoothly. Page 103 he did stumble over a few words, so he will review that page tomorrow and copy some words as well.

Phonics Pathways~Lance read page 47 and copied ten words. Tomorrow I'll dictate some of the words to him.

Horizons Phonics~Lance completed a page of Horizons Phonics. I had him circle all the vowels in the alphabet, he had to draw a line from the word to the picture, and print the words in the blank. his words were rat, raft, run.

Bible Reading~Ethan read several pages from The Young Readers Bible.

Little Hearts~with Lance I read from Grandfather Frog, Bible Time, and History. 

Bigger~I read the poem to him and had him copy the first stanza, introduced the character trait Trustworthiness and talked about the Bible verse, introduced and explained the word barter, read from A First Book of American History and had Ethan narrate back to me.

With Ethan today I had a little talk about being trustworthy. I gave him a real life example using him. Earlier I had him put his word in alphabetical order in his English notebook. I told him he could take a five minute break but he needs to come back to copy his poetry.

He never came back. When I called him an hour later to start Bigger Hearts with him, I introduced the character trait Trustworthiness. I read what it means and the verse. We talked a bit about it. Then I said, "Ethan, earlier today I trusted you with taking a five minute break, you were suppose to come back and complete your poetry work", right away he gave me an excuse, that the timer didn't go off. I then told him that even so, he should have noticed that he was playing for a long while. He then gave another excuse about having to read out loud to me from his Bible Reader. I pointed out to him that was a while ago. He still should have done his schoolwork. I let him know that I can no longer trust him in this area. Immediately he had tears. 

I then told him there is no reason to cry, I said to him instead of crying he should apologize. Say, "Mom, I'm sorry, I should have obeyed you, will you forgive me?". I left it at that. I let him sort it out in his mind, I left so he could finish his work. 

This is why I love homeschooling my children, I get lots and lots of teaching moments. 

Ethan reading from Phonics Pathways.
 Rod and Staff English assignment.
 Lance working on Horizons Phonics.


  1. They look really clear on my end. Only the one with Ethan was a little grainy. I'm used to grainy. It doesn't matter what kind of camera I have, I never get them right.LOL! I seem to press all the wrong buttons, too.

    The boys look so cute in their hats. So true about those teaching moments.

    So sorry the sickies are hitting your house. Seems everywhere I turn these days someone is either getting the flu, or just plain getting sick. Hope and pray your baby gets better quickly!


  2. Love the photos with the hat faces! So funny. I bet you all were cracking up doing that. :)

    Sounds like you got a lot done. Good for you!


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