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Week 10/Day 3 {2012-2013}

I'm so proud of Caleb and Brent. I know how hard Creation to Christ is for them but they are doing so well with getting their work done. It may take them a little longer but I'm impressed. Sometimes the only boxes that aren't checked are the ones that they need mama (blushing).

Annette is doing great with Res. to Ref. as well.

Today I had an orthodontist appointment at 9:00 am and then I had to take Ethan to get his stitches out. He was so happy to be stitch free =) We didn't get home until noon.

Because I was gone in the morning I didn't get any pics but here is one of Ethan's math.
I spent most of my day outside with my nephew and Lance. My kitchen is such a mess that I didn't want to be in the house. I needed the fresh air too.

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  1. Caleb and Brent are doing awesome in their studies...just goes to show that when we have faith in our children, they will rise to the occasion. Great Job kids and mama! :)


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