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Week 11/Day 2 {2012-2013}

I had a little trouble with my Nature Boy today. For those of you who don't know, my little guy can make some thing so easy, very difficult. You know the saying about making a mountain out of a mole-hill (did I get it right?)?

You see, Ethan LOVES to go for walks with his Grandpa. Today, Lance was going to go and Ethan would have been able to as well but I was in the middle of a Rod and Staff English lesson. As soon as they left he started with... "I'm the victim" mood. His whole body language changed. I finished the lesson and gave him assignment. He just sat there pouting and feeling sorry for himself.

I went off to have Beautiful Girlhood time with Annette. We call it Beautiful Girlhood because that's the name of the book for her study. It was great. I read about what real beauty is. That it's not all about looks but what's in the heart. We had a great discussion. We talked about how she can improve how she responds to her brothers when they annoy her ;)  or just to have a more gentle, soft spoken voice. Something I've been working on as well (and we talked about that too).

While Annette and I were studying I heard Ethan crying. Once I was done with my sweet girl I went to see what was up with Ethan. I kept my voice calm and collect. No whiny voice from me (I'm working on that, hmm, wonder where some of my kiddos get that). I just calmly asked him why he was crying. I couldn't understand his answer because he speaks so soft and his crying didn't help. I told him when he calmed down he could talk to me.

A little later he said he didn't know what to do. I reminded him that I read the instructions to him already, if he still doesn't know than he needs to read them as well.

Eventually I told him to go to his bed. Later I found him in the living room playing with Legos. I told him to go to the table and do his English assignment. He doodled. I had him turn the page and get it ready. He had to write his name, date, and page number all over again to do this. He got that far but that was about it.

In the end he did the assignment but he still going to have the 'principal' talk to him because how and when he did it is unacceptable.

Ethan still needs to complete a math assignment, ah, the joy of being mom and teacher =)

My Annette copying from Copywork for Girls. She started this last year. I wasn't going to have her continue this year because her current program (HOD) had her copying from our Beautiful Girlhood study. Annette and I didn't really care for the passages and both of us decided it would be best to continue copying quotes and verses from her Copywork for Girls.
 I am dictating some words from Phonics Pathways. He wrote word with a captial letter in the middle of the word so I had him correct it. In the end he I decided to have him copy the words. I still need him to read to me.
 With my two middle boys (Caleb and Brent) I introduced diagramming. Yay! Finally! They are finally memorizing their helping verbs. Don't think I haven't introduced them before because I have. They just haven't taken the time to commit them to memory. I told them last week that if they knew all of them they can have a miniature candy bar. Well low and behold, they memorized them like the next day! Stinkers!
Joshua, is doing well with his studies. I do need to sit with him more and figure out all this high stuff. Yikes.

Well that's another day in our Homeschooling6 world.

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