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Week 11/Day 3 {2012~2013}

It was chilly this morning. I guess Ethan felt it because he was in our bed on Lupe's side (thankfully). My Sweets said he got punched a few times by him. I'm not sure when Ethan crawled in considering I didn't fall asleep until about 3:00 a.m.

Today was another good busy day. I started with Joshua. On Monday he started Spelling Power. Today was his first test. I don't know why I thought this was going to be so complicated. I guess when you see over 40 pages you have to read before getting started...but with the Quick Start Dvd, that's a huge blessing. After I watched it I new exactly where to go in the Spelling Power book and I was ready to start the next day.

Later I'd like to purchase the Activity Task Cards. If you register your Spelling Power book you get free shipping, I thought that was a nice little bonus!

Once done with Josh, I started with Caleb and Brent. Yesterday I didn't get to our poetry box, so we did that today. We painted a background with some rocks. Tomorrow we'll finish it. I also started a new spelling program with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan. I know I just purchased Rod and Staff.

I am reviewing Spelling Mechanics and Word Study. With the five younger children all other spelling programs will be put aside for this review. I'll be blogging more about this as we use it.

After we completed Spelling Mechanics and Word Study, I let Caleb and Brent take a 10 minute break. Once the ten minutes where up, it was time for Rod and Staff English. I am really enjoying this program. I spend about 15 minutes teaching the new concept and reviewing previous lessons (it can take a little longer depending on how chatty I am that morning), then they are off to finish the assignment.

My nephew Ducky kept me busy. He loves his school time. Thankfully I have printed lots of stuff for him. His main schooling is Letter of the Week and I am going to teach him some sight words using You Can Read. He will attend public school next year so I want to get him ready. I watch him during the day for my Sis-in-law.

Occasionally Ducky's face shows up on my blog but I try not to post too many pictures of children that aren't mine ;) but you know how much I love to blog with pictures, so (I know long winded sentence) I decided to take pictures of his cute, chubby, hands. Below he is matching the different color apples and pasting them.
 Coloring his sight word, 'and'.
 Sorting apples from largest to smallest. Later I'll have him paste them.
 Here I found Ducky searching for his blanket. Reminds me of the never ending Mary Poppins bag.

Lance did a few pages from his Ready2Read unit. Below he is circling the correct word for each picture.
 Here he read the question, copied and then will paste it. I know this probably seems like busy work to some but hey, I like busy. Keeps my Little Hearts from getting into trouble.

 Here is Lance doing his Color by Sight Word page.
 The only sight word he keeps having trouble with is 'you'.
 Lance loved using the ice cream theme~word family. I had him sort them, read, and copy some of the words into his composition book.
 Lance trying to eat his Word Family words.

 Below Lance is completing a lesson from Spelling Mechanics. It's the Matching Page, where he matches the words with the pictures. He is studying the word families of 'ad' in this lesson.
 Also from Spelling Mechanics and Word Study. In this picture he is practicing his Personal Words. I chose the words from his Ready2Read sight words, one cvc word and his name. He knows how to spell his name but he usually puts a capital letter in the middle of his name. This will give him practice to write it neatly and correctly.
 I wrote the words and he copied them. Because the words, 'can, look, you' are part of his curriculum he will study them daily.
 My priceless picture of Lance reading to his dad.
He was reading Snow.
My plan with Lance is to get him reading by the end of this school year. I want to excelerate him through all three levels of Ready2Read, be consistent with Spelling Mechanics and Word Study, and have him read daily from Phonics Pathways and real books to his dad.

Here is my Girl completing Analytical Grammar. This was taken last night.

 Brent and Caleb completing their Spelling Mechanics worksheet.
 Ethan's Color by Sight Word sheet. He did this Monday but I forgot to take a picture.

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