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Week 11/Day1 {2012~2013}

Can't believe its been 6 days since my last blog post. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (pictures coming soon) with my nieces and nephews, my SIL, dad and brother. I'll write more about that later.

As for school we started a full day today. Joshua actually did school all of last week! On his own. I gave him a week off but he wanted to continue on with some subjects.

Today I did a lot of little schooling. I had fun using Ready2Read with Lance and Ethan (different levels) and Letter of the Week with my nephew.

Ethan decorating his sight words with CHRISTmas sprinkles.
 He also added some miniature marshmallows.
 He colored his sight word hat. He was really happy to wear it. The sight word 'has and after' were his easy words, 'over and again' were not new but he wasn't able to just read it fast. Now he can. I don't think he needs to continue with this unit but I'm going to have him do it anyway because it's fun.
 Lance was late to school.
 Ethan took these pictures.
 Lance was able to sound out 'can, is and up' the other two, "look and you" are new. I know many homeschoolers are not for sight words but since I teach phonics as well, I have no problem teaching them.
 Look how happy he is.
 This week my nephew is learning the letter 'A', the sound short sound /a/, the shape~circle, number 1 and the color of the week is purple. He can recognize the number 1, and knows what a circle is but I'm starting from the beginning and consider if 'fun' review.
 He decorated the letter A with cereal and cotton balls.
 Yesterday I went to storage and found my sight word wall thingy. The top portion is for Lance and the bottom for my nephew. I think I'll call him Ducky because he loves ducks. His online name before was Little J.
 The bleeding sight words on the side are Ethan's. He colored by sight words today. I'll have to get a close-up later. The letter A with the apple tree is what Ducky completed. He had so much fun.

Below Lance is showing Ducky  how many of something he has and how much Ducky has. I'm not sure what it was.
I also did Rod and Staff English with Caleb and Brent, helped my niece with her homework and had her read from Phonics Pathways today. Ethan read from Phonics Pathways as well.

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  1. Linda! Missed you! So glad to hear your Thanksgiving went well. I look forward to the pics. :)




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