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Week 11/Day4 {2012~2013}

Not sure why I'm so tired today when it was my Sweets who had trouble falling asleep this time. Maybe it was because I didn't have my morning cup of java.

Today I had Princess J as well as Ducky. Princess J had a temperature at school yesterday and came home early, so today I watched her for her mama! She loved attending Homeschooling6! She completed almost a weeks worth of Ready2Read. If only my Lance was that eager. Maybe it's a girl thing with all the coloring, cutting and pasting.

Below they are putting a dot on the word that they pick-up from the pile. Princess J had lots of fun with this.
 I think Lance really enjoyed having his cousin over. I had them do the same work. He kept getting competitive though.
Princess J making a picture for her mama.
 Both Princess J and Lance did a page from Read it, Trace it, Paste it.
 Lance cutting.
 Can you tell which one Princess J did? Her's is the neater one at the top. Tell ya, Lance kept racing with her.
 Making words.

 Lance is making as many words as he can with the 'ad' family. He also completed a page from Spelling Mechanics and Word Study (I need to take a picture).
 Completing a few math pages from Mathematical Reasoning from the Critical Thinking Co.
Lance wanted in on the picture and I was happy to oblige. I like photos of their work but love it when their face is in it too.

Ethan did night school today. I was busy with Princess J today, like I mentioned she just wanted schoolwork to do all day and kept me hopping with trying to find stuff.

Ethan is sorting words. This is part of Spelling Mechanics and Word Study program that I'm reviewing.
 He is sorting words by their short vowel sounds. I like that he finding patterns within the words and having to sort them as such. When doing this he is also reading the words as well. You know me, anything to get him reading more words a day.
After he sorted the word I had him turn the word card upside down and then he wrote the word in his spelling notebook.
 After he checked to see if he spelled it correctly.
 I love his writing, so I took a close-up of his composition book.
 After spelling we worked on his English  I love how he is holding in a smile. I'm so thankful to the Lord that Ethan is letting me take pictures of him again. For a while he was camera shy.

In English he is learning about the simple subject and simple predicate. He too like Caleb and Brent, is learning to diagram sentences. It's funny because it's like teaching the same thing twice almost. Earlier I was teaching Caleb and Brent about compound sentences with simple subjects and predicates.
Ethan also completed a Teaching Textbook 4 lesson. He scored an 82%. He's having trouble with place value.

Proof that my children absolutely, positively, love audio books! I found Brent like this during our quiet/nap time.

 Later during nap time all I could see was his monkey hat sticking out of the blanket.
Brent diagramming a compound simple subject sentence.
Caleb's turn.

 Brent working on his school work late. 
 He's filling in the timeline in his History Notebook.

Joshua trying to get all his school work in before the end of the day. In this picture it's right before dinner time.
 Here he is studying his Spanish words. He has a quiz tomorrow and there are ten words that needs to be memorized.
Both Josh and Annette were happy that they completed ALL their work. Annette finished her IEW writing assignment right before bed.


  1. sorry you are so tired, Linda. Try and get lots of rest this weekend...

    Looks like a great day! I'm with you in that sometimes I like busywork, and it isn't always busywork. Cutting, pasting, writing sentences...they all help with motor coordination and are the building blocks to reading and writing in the future.

    Love the pics of Brent sleeping. :) So cute!

  2. Hi, Dee, I think it's that homeschooling mama kind of tired. =)

    Yes, I think busywork is a good thing.


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