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Week 9 {2012~2013}

 Week 9. October 5th-9th 2012.

Another week down, yay! It was a busy one. We tried to keep up and I think we did pretty well.

Caleb (6th) and Brent (5th)
Unit 3
Focus~God's Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
 Caleb reading from the Illustrated Bible
Brent reading from his Bible.
With each Unit we are getting better and better with completing all the assignments.
Here is Unit 1 notebook pages.
 Unit 2, only one empty box.
 Unit 3, they are all done. 
Well almost with Brent. He still needs to copy what he felt was memorable to him from his reading of Th Story of the Ancient World. He also needs to add the dates to his timeline.
The Key Idea for the History Project that is in box 7, God told Isaac the He would make his descendants as numerous as the stars.

The only subject we didn't get to was writing. We kinda got a not-so-good start with that. It all started with Day 3. The children were to find descriptive adjectives and adverbs and specific nouns. Since they had so much time off during the summer because Caleb was in California for a month during the summer, then we started school late because Lupe and I didn't want to use credit to purchase our curricula, so I think the kiddos forgot some of their grammar, so frustrating as the teacher (mom). 
I think what I'm going to do is start with Unit 2 of Write with the Best. I'm going to be more prepared this time as well.

The boys are doing great with Creation to Christ. Not as independent as I would like them to be but I know as the year progresses it will come. I believe with them reading so much more even though it's hard for them, will really get them going.

With Drawn into the Heart of Reading (DITHOR), I haven't had Caleb and Brent start their second genre yet. Hopefully Monday we will start DITHOR again.

Caleb continues to use Math-U-See. He is a bit stuck with finding the area. He has circumference. He down. It was my fault though. I am taking to long with showing him how to find the area. He has watched the DVD three times and still can't figure it out. Guess what we'll be doing Saturday =)

Brent is using Math Essentials Book 2 and is really doing well. This week he's learning about fractions, ooooh, fun! Adding and subtracting fractions, Mixed  numerals with like denominators, Finding least common denominators, and Adding and subtracting with unlike denominators.

Annette 7th Grade
 Resurrection to Reformation
Unit 5 and 6
Annette, working on a Rod and Staff English assignment.

This week Annette finished Unit 5 and started Unit 6. She's a little behind, so this week she worked on  tying up some loose ends from a few units. At first she was trying to work through Unit 6 while at the same time catching up from last week. She was a bit overwhelmed, so I told her to stop with Unit 6, finish with Unit 5, then next week she can continue with Unit 6 Mon-Wed (since she completed 2 days of unit 6 already), then use Thursday and Friday to continue catching up.
She was happy with that.

Here are some pictures of her notebooking pages. As you can see she needs to complete her written narration for Unit 5.
 Unit 4
 Unit 1 (sorry out of order)
 Unit 2
 Unit 3
Second part of Unit 3 and the start of Unit 4
She is really doing well with Heart of Dakota (HOD) and she enjoys it. Her favorite subject is Art Appreciation.

In math she is using Math-U-See and is happy with it. She does really well with watching the DVD and understanding what to do.

I hope to start Latin with her in January.

Ethan 4th Grade
Unit 3
Focus: Explorers and Adventurers

This week Ethan learned about Captain John Smith and Henry Hudson.
Did you know that the Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named after Henry Hudson?
Captain John Smith was captured by the Turk and escaped!

As with Caleb and Brent, I am skipping the Storytime for now. I would like to add that in but currently  I can't.

Ethan, completed four lessons of Teaching Textbooks 4, wathed all of Mathtacular 2 and almost 3 and completed a page of The Complete Math Book (shown below).
He only completed two days worth of Phonics Pathways and one of Horizon Phonics. Why two, because some days it's easier to have him sit and do Horizons and other days I have time to sit with him and go over Phonics Pathways. I also consider Phonics Pathway his reading and Horizons his phonics. I'm strange, I know =)

Rod and Staff English didn't make it this week so next week I'll have him start it. Can't wait. I'll have to write more on that later.

Ethan also completed his vocabulary, poetry, science, Bible, geography and Reading About History. The Character Trait for this week was Boldness.

 Lance 2nd Grade
Unit 19
Focus: Christianity in the Roman Empire
Wahoo, we'll start Unit 20 next week. I'm so excited. It's taken us a while but were having fun.

Lance and I are enjoying Storytime. I'm reading The Adventures of Grandfather Frog. For being so smart he sure gets himself in a pickle. Lance really remembers the lessons though. He will comment about how Grandfather Frog did a certain thing later, especially if he notices himself or someone making unwise decisions like Grandfather Frog.

We both also like Devotions for the Children's Hour. Again, he remembers what I read.

Lance has a favorite blanket, so for our Thinking Games, instead of using a coat to represent Jesus and how He covers our sins with His forgiveness we used the blanket.

Lance has been working through The Complete Book of Math. We also played an addition game. It's shown above. Next week I'll pull out the subtraction one. We also need to work on 'one more and two more'. He's having a hard time with understanding that in his workbook. I may skip those pages but I'll have to check to make sure it'll be okay.

I still haven't been able to fit all the subjects in that I want but a little here and a little there is better than not doing anything.

That was our week!


  1. Thank you. I love the notebooking pages. Because I want them to be completed, the pages keep us on our toes with completing them ;)

  2. Wow!! Love the Notebook Pages- they are fabulous!


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