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Week 9/Day 1 {2012~2013}

I thought I should start making more of an effort to get our schooling done. Just because my face hurts or is uncomfortable should not stop me from getting our Heart of Dakota school done. I NEED to STOP acting like I CAN'T do it.

Thankfully I can report that I completed a day in each guide for the younger ones, Creation to Christ, Bigger and Little Hearts. Annette does most of hers on her own. With each guide I did leave one box undone.

Here is a sample of Caleb's work from last week. As you can see we didn't get to box 5. The top three boxes are his timeline. Box 4 he had to copy something that he thought was interesting from his Ancient History book. Box 6 he copied a verse.

 Here is Brent hard at work adding prophesies to his notebook.
 Ethan copying a verse for science.
 Annette reading from one of her many Heart of Dakota books.
 Annette, Viking Boy (Ethan), Brent.
 I found Caleb in his room reading his history book.
 I thought I'd show you all Annette's Guide. Gotta love those check~marks.
 Today in science class, Ethan, had to copy a verse and draw creatures that live 'down by the sea'.

I know I keep going back-in-forth with this but my traditional side of my homeschooling style keeps popping up. I am going to have Caleb and Brent use Rod and Staff Spelling. Aaack, I just can't help it. I think the spelling rules aspect of it will help the boys spelling and reading. 

Well I was there at the Rod and Staff Store, I ordered their English 3 program for Ethan. My order has shipped so hopefully it will be here by the end of this week so we can promptly start next week.

Outside of homeschooling, the weather is wonderful. Windy and cool. The children are playing outside as I type. All except for Annette, she's in her room listening to a Lamplighter audio book. She has listened to all fourteen in the past weeks. She loves them!!!

Joshua will be home next Monday, yay! I miss my son. He calls several times a week and emails me.

Lupe, continues to work hard at work and at home. He is like is father, always keeping busy. He's a good example to the boys. I on the other hand need to be a better example to my daughter.

Well that's about it for know. Have a good rest of the day!


  1. Love the notebook pics, Linda! Don't feel guilty about not getting to that extra box. You can always have him draw a pic in that extra box of something he's learned about that week. Or you can have him write a few random facts that he thought were interesting in that box. ;)

    It sounds like you are getting back to the swing of things. It's hard I know. I'm having to push myself this year as well.

    I really like Rod and Staff spelling books. It's a good choice.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Much Love,


  2. Hi, Dee, thanks for the great idea with filling in any boxes we don't get too.

    Yes, I'm slowly getting back. Tomorrow I have an appt. with the oral surgeon so we'll see how much school we get done here on that day.

    When I have appts. it's so hard for me when I get home to start school.


  3. I know just how you feel. When I have appointments during the week, I assign the kids morning school only for that day, and that consists of things that they can do on their own. After that, that is it. It's very hard for me to also get back into the swing of school once I've left the house, gone to the scheduled appointment, and usually to lunch as well. ugh...

    We count those as our half-days of school, and I allow myself to schedule about 8 of those per year, guilt free. Remember that even an educational video can be school...hunting, discovery channel, cooking, etc...

    Remember it's your homeschool. Do it your way! :)

    Praying you have a good appointment with great news tomorrow...



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