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Week 9/Day 4 {2012~2013}

Busy, busy, busy, we were today. I started the day off with Caleb and Brent. I wanted to complete our first poetry/painting project and the History Project as well. You know me, usually anything crafty is what um, doesn't get done. I really want to make an effort this year to complete these.

This week the children had to copy part of a poem: 
Dust always blowing about the town, 
Except when sea-fog laid it down, 
And I was one of the children told 
Some of the blowing was gold........
~Robert Frost
 Yesterday Caleb, Brent and I painted the background.
 Mine =) This is suppose to be done independently. I thought it would be fun to do this with them and I know it's still a bit hard for them to get what they read down on paper. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding what's to be done. This is why I like HOD because it will teach 'following directions' skills =)
Brent's completed painting. Those are clouds.
 Caleb's, watercolor painting. We started with blue, rose, yellow, watercolor paints. We mixed them and were instructed to make the first cloud up in the corner. Then we were to add more rose color paint and make another cloud, then add yellow for the cloud at the bottom. 
 Mine, oops, I took a picture of it upside down. The blue cloud is suppose to be at the top. I added more paint when I was done. I'm not sure if we were suppose to add more clouds.
 Brent copied a verse in cursive.
With Unit 3 we are doing almost all of it. I am not reading the 'Storytime' right now. It's a great book, The Golden Bull, but it's just not going to happen right now. I need to catch us up on Write with the Best. But other than that so far this week we are doing great!

Caleb likes to do his school work on the floor in his room while listening to an audio book. I'm okay with this as long as he can narrate well. He is not allowed to listen to anything for Bible Quiet Time though.
 Brent does much better working in the kitchen, this is when I would really, really, like a bigger house. I use to love having a kitchen nook and formal dining room because of all the space. Oh well, no use wishing for what I can't have at the moment (I did have a dream last night that we were back in a large house, shhh).

My Annette is doing great with Resurrection to Reformation. Today she was excited to make some bread. Yesterday she copied some verses onto small pieces of paper and folded them in foil. She put those in the loaves of bread she made today. Key Idea, is Christ is the bread of life for us and the only path to eternity in heaven.
 She put toothpicks in the loaves with scripture verses. I didn't get to eat her bread but I heard it was very good. Annette, said some honey would go good with it.
 I'm not sure which unit this is from but Annette, made some game pieces. Today we played the game.
My Annette, works best on mama's bed. She also likes to sit at the table. She likes to get all her school book, pile them on the table, and work through the boxes in her guide and put them away as she goes.

Below is a picture of Annette's notebook. The box where she is to write her narration is too small for her, so I let her write it on notebook paper.
 When she is done we fold it and using double sided tape, put it in her notebook.
I didn't do Little Hands with Lance today but I did have him do phonics and math.
Same with Ethan, he did math and reading. Yesterday we completed a day of Bigger. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.

Ethan, stepped on a screw Monday. We took him to Urgent Care and they stitched him up. He's going crazy right now because I won't let him run and be free. Remember he's my Nature Boy and likes to be climbing trees, digging holes, and chasing butterflies. I'll share some photos later. I need my Sweets to email them to me from his phone.

Lance, keeps asking when can I talk right or eat normal food again, meaning chicken and such. Poor guy probably misses he normal functioning mom ;)

Four more days and Joshua will be home, yay!

Well that's it for now =)


  1. Linda, you are functioning so well under the circumstances, and the kids notebooks are awesome! Annette reminds me of my eldest. She used to need extra paper for her narrations as well.

    Brent has lovely handwriting, and the paintings are all lovely. I've been slacking off on anything artsy or science related...yikes...

    The bread looks like it came out sooo good. Maybe she can bake it again when you can eat again. :( Hopefully that will happen soon.

    Much love my sweet friend,


    ps Oh dear... poor Ethan...(((Ethan))) Praying he heals quickly! When I was four I stepped on a pen while jumping up and down with my little sister. It went through the middle of my foot, but thankfully it didn't cause any damage. I still remember exactly how it happened, but I don't ever remember going to the hospital. I know it happened (the hospital) because of the pics of me with a cast on my foot. Gotta love that Urgent Care, though, a couple of hundred versus a couple of thousand at a hospital. Did they give him a tetanus shot?

  2. Yes, he is up to date with all his shots.

    Ouch, a pen?!?! Oh my, you poor thing. I remember my older sister stepped on a toothpick. It went right through her big toe. My dad pulled it out. I don't remember what happened after that.

    The bread was a sweet one, it called for a cup of sugar.

  3. Oh I love sweet bread!

    I know everytime one of my kids got a cut or a scrape, they'd make them get a tetanus shot (in NJ--very political state) at the hospital. I wondered if they still did that now. I am sorry to say that I am not that great with shots and being up to date with them. The last time Josh had shots he was 5, and I promised him those would be his last. :) He got so sick...

    I'm not totally against them, but they gave him so many at one time, and I thought, enough is enough. What I'm against is the 75 or so shots that they say they need before they are 18. I also don't like all the yucky additives they are adding to them now, but I'm babbling on your post so I'll stop...so sorry...lol.


  4. I know what you mean about the shots. I don't have them have every, single, shot, just some. Wow, 75!

  5. Lovely watercolor pages. Delicious looking bread is making me hungry right now. Ouch on the screw :(

    I am so amazed at all you accomplish while recovering from surgery.


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