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9 Weeks After Oral Surgery

I went to see the oral surgeon today and all is well. The only thing I really, really, really, need to be consistent with is getting my jaw to open like it use to. The big number is 45 mm. Today I'm at 32, two weeks ago I was at 24 and four weeks ago I was at 18, so I'm making progress.

The doctor stated that the next four weeks are important with getting my bite back to 45mm. There is a certain amount of time after the surgery when the jaw is still more pliable. Once it's completely healed it will be harder to continue with stretching it out to its proper size.

The surgeon urged me to keep moving my mouth a lot. Doing the exercises that he stated I should do.

I'm a clencher which is not good because I tighten my muscles. I need to relax and massage that area. I try really hard not to let my teeth touch but it happens so naturally.

I had a break through this week. I noticed that when I drink cold water I can feel a cooling sensation in my chin (on the inside). I still am numb in this area. My cheek area is still swollen.

That is where I'm at right now.


  1. Oh good! I am so glad you feel something. We are still praying. Glad to hear all is going well and you are continuing to heal.

  2. Yay for healing! We are continuing to pray. It's good to see you able to eat foods again :)


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