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Crazy Morning

I need to carry my camera more. I'm so use to being home and snapping pictures not out and about. Today I had a 9:00 a.m. orthodontist appointment. Actually Josh and I both had one. We try to keep them together. So my SIL drops use off and you know, our appointment isn't until January. I was shocked. I'm usually so good about dates, especially appointments. My SIL already left, I have no cell phone although now that I think about it, I could have used the orthodontist's phone.

Thankfully there is a coffee shop next door. Josh and I order and we make ourselves comfy. I pulled out our books and we sipped our coffees. It was actually nice. The only thing was we both didn't have a watch so we had to keep an eye out for my dad. Why is my dad picking us up when my SIL dropped us off? That's another crazy story. Three of us all needed the truck this morning. My SIL needed to pick up a battery for her car at a certain time, Josh and I had a so called appointment, my dad had a doctor appointment too all of us within a half hours time of each appointment.

Back to the story, so we are drinking our coffees and reading when my SIL walks in. She is ready to start work. She said my dad will pick us up after his appointment, by now she has her own car (are you still following the story?). Being the nice SIL that she is, she makes me a Peppermint Latte =) like I really need another coffee after the Venti Pumpkin Latte I already drank, hee, hee. I can't say no to a coffee being offered.

Anyway, she gets behind the counter and when I go up to tell her something she tells me she can give us a ride home. That she doesn't start work until 10:30. She thought she started at 10:00. I tell you us and our mommy brains. So she gives us a ride home. I then call my dad to let him know he doesn't have to pick us up. He's at the orthodontist waiting for us. Thankfully he just got there five minutes before I called. We must have just missed each other.

And that is how Week 13/Day 1 of our week started. And to tell you something else. I thought it was odd that my appointment was on a Monday. Usually they are on a Thursday. Should listen to my insides or is it gizzards.

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