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Creation to Christ Written Narration

With Brent, I think he really should have continued with Heart of Dakota's Preparing program but that would mean I'd have to run five Guides. Having four is plenty enough for me and at times I can barely keep up.

I'm sorta using Creation to Christ like the Preparing Guide. Preparing has some hand holding but it's helping the child become more independent. This is what I'm doing with CtC.

Each week on Day 4 Brent is to write a written narration. About 5-8 sentences long. His reading is improving but his comprehension needs help. I think he's concentrating so much on the words that he's not retaining the content of what he is reading.

After he reads the pages required for the written narration, I then read it to him. Then I have him answer the questions in the guide and as we do I use highlighters tape to highlight the answer in the reading selection as well.
 Then Brent is to read only the highlighted sections, close his book and start writing. As the year progresses my plan is to slowly get him doing more on his own.
The amount of reading with science has also been a struggle for him, so I find myself cutting it down to half. At times he is assigned to read 4 or 5 pages from his Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 book.

He still has a melt~down once in a while but thankfully they are becoming few~and~far between.


  1. I am in awe that you use four different guides! Wow!

  2. Thank you Mary, it's not as easy as I write ;) Some days I don't get to Lances' Little Heart. I really try.

    I pick and choose with Little Hearts and Bigger. I can't do every box.


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