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Date Night

My hubby and I enjoyed another wonderful evening together. We covet our Date Nights.

We decided to go to Rosa's Cafe. A sit-down, fast-food, type of place. If you want real authentic mexican food then this would not be the place, although Rosa's Cafe is a step up from Taco Bell.
 I ordered the Tamales. This was something I could eat. Yay! Lupe had Enchiladas. The food was good and I'm sure we'll be back for another visit.
 I splurged and drank a Diet Dr. Pepper. Normally I drink tea.
 Look what I found at Target. Look how huge this is. I have never ever seen half~and~half in this half gallon size. Wow, is all I could say.
 I was really excited to find these Crescent Rolls. I usually buy Pillsbury and only once or twice a year because of all the Hydrogenated Oils and did you know there are dyes in them as well. Red dye in fact. Crescents are not red so what is red dye 40 doing in them, anyway, I was happy to pay 20 cents more for these. I know they are not majorly healthy and all but I feel better serving these to the children.
 At half price books I found Easy Grammar 5/6 unused for $12.48. I'm going to use this with Joshua. I know it says 5/6 but this was actually level 1 before they put a 'grade' on it. 
I would like to get him Easy Grammar Plus but it's over $30.00 so this will have to do until next year. I love Bob Jones but I feel that Josh needs not an easier approach but one that he understand better. Easy Grammar has steps that I believe will be more clear to Joshua. There is no diagramming and that's a good thing for Josh. Bob Jones is great but it doesn't jive with Josh (can't believe I used that word, LOL). But you all know what I mean.
  These next to photos were taken while we were on our date. Not sure what was going on in this picture of Josh.
 Brent playing with his army men.
And that my friends was another marvelous date night with my husband. Thank you Jesus for my most wonderful hubby.

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