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Date Night

Look what I found on our Date Night at Half Price Books for only $6.49 in brand new condition. The only thing is it doesn't have the Answer Key.
Our first stop was the grocery store. We saved enough stamps for this. I plan to make Lasagna this week. Yum!
We then took a nice drive to Rockwall. My hubby likes to eat at Taco Casa. They have food that I can chew or swallow ;)

I forgot my camera, so no pics. We had a nice time eating and chatting. After we were done with our dinner we decided to go to the Half Price books in that area. I was like a kid in a candy store. This store had new school books! Well, new to me. I found so many that I wanted to buy just because I liked them, so I left them behind.

I don't know why but I still have a fondness for Calvert. I think because when I used Calvert 6 years ago it really helped me to become more structured and organized. I would have continued with it but I wanted a more Christ-centered program. At Half Price there were a few math books and the workbook that accompanies A Child's History of the World that I really wanted to get. They were all in new condition but I held back. Hopefully they will find good homes.

We spent a good hour there. Like I said, I had so much fun. More things that I wanted to buy but didn't, Five In A Row Holidays, last date night I found FIAR Bible Study, Shurley English 4 (we aren't using it anymore but I really liked it), Calvert items, What Your ______ Need to know, there were a few other books but I can't remember the names.

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks. We were going to take our coffees to go but I suggested we stay and sit for a while. We could read our books from Half Price. Target was our next stop but since we wanted to relax at the coffee shop we didn't make it. Tomorrow we'll have to go.

That was another wonderful date night with my most wonderful husband.

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