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Date Night

Tonight we were going to use our Chili’s gift certificate but the line was out the door and it was way too chilly to wait (plus I was hungry). We decided to eat at In-N-Out. I haven’t had a burger from there in months!
12.29.12 014
I ordered a single cheese burger with grilled onions and sauce only. I still can’t handle lettuce and tomatoes yet. My Sweets had the Double-double. Yum. 
I did bite my lips a few times and it hurt. I couldn’t eat the extra crispy fries Sad smile. The verse on our hamburger baggie was Rev. 3:20, the one on our french fry container was a verse from Proverbs, and as always John 3:16 was under the cup.
12.29.12 015
Look at the cheese. I couldn’t wait to take my first bite. I’m so bad, my hubby had to remind me to pray first. I must tame that sinful flesh of mine Winking smile.
12.29.12 016
My hubby looked tired so instead of our usual stop at Target we went to a movie. We watched Jack Fleatcher (think that was the name). There was a lot of shooting but thankfully no half dressed women or bad language.

After the movie we did go to Target for a few items. We had 15 minutes before the store closed so it was a rush trip. Not good. When you are in a hurry you don’t compare prices and can end up paying over $2.00 for an apple. How do I know you may wonder? Being the good mother that I am I picked up 6 Honey~crisp apples for my 6 Hearts! The price was $14.25, wowzers!

These apples are almost 4 inches!!!
 12.29.12 003
I scored with the Dunkin’ Donuts Gingerbread Coffee, $8.00 off. I paid $3.99 each. This time I only bought two. I’m still drinking last years Pumpkin flavor. The Candycane flavor coffee was $5.99, I saved $2.00.
12.29.12 001
On the way home my Sweets bought me a coffee from McDonalds. I doctored it up at home with some Gingerbread Syrup that I bought at Target a month ago. I keep forgetting about it.

That was another wonderful date with my wonderful hubby. Love you Sweets!


  1. Those are some expensive apples- I hope they are delicious! I understand that rush and not checking prices. Your evening sounds like a fun one. :)

  2. I miss In-N-Out Burger. Glad you had fun.

  3. Linda, are you tempting me with these burger pictures. LOL! Luckily, I could still eat the meat inside. These pics look like the ones I see on food blogs. Very nice, and very, very tempting! ;) hehe...

    Love your date night posts! So sweet and inspiring...:)


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