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Ethan’s Slippers

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From Santa Clause, Ethan received a pair of slippers. I wasn’t sure if he’d really appreciate them or not but decided to put them in his stocking anyway.

Guess what?!?! He loves them and has worn them every, single, day since CHRISTmas.
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He keeps asking me how much they are, because he knows if I tell him then it was I who put them in the stocking. Very clever little guy!
I haven’t told him but just in case you all want to know I paid $7.50 at Amazon.

My children know why we celebrate CHRISTmas but I always had fun as a kid believing in Santa, so I let my children do so as well. Santa only hangs the stocking, mom and dad get credit for the gifts Winking smile.


  1. These are so cute! I want them for me. :)

  2. Awesome slippers! They look so cozy and warm. Glad you put them in his stocking since he loves them so much.


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