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I'm Still Here

I'm still here (3 days of no blogging is a long time for me) =) I'm enjoying some time off from being a teacher mom and blogging. I've been reading a lot of Annette's book that a fellow blogging friend gifted to her and Annette and I watch a Columbo a day. It's our little fun thing to do together. We like to pause the show and point out clues that we notice.

Lupe had to start back to work the day after CHRISTmas, the children are having fun with their the gifts.

The weather has been chilly, this was from Tuesday.

Will be back to post about our CHRISTmas.

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  1. Woh, it got really cold in Texas. We are experiencing some colder weather now, but we are still in the high 50's during the day, and then low 40's at night. I'll have to admit, this is colder than it's been in FL for a long time, but it's still not too bad during the day. Joshua would just love all that snow you guys have experienced. He's never seen snow, or shall I say, he doesn't remember it because he was a baby. :) He begs me to move to a place with cold weather.


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