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Lance Not Feeling Well

This is how my Lance looked last night. He said his head hurt.
12.29.12 012
My poor sick child. I asked if he could give me a smile.
12.29.12 013
Here is Lance this morning. I stayed home from church. The poor guy was coughing and had a headache.
12.31.12 004
He was hot all day but thankfully he slept a lot. Right now he’s sleeping on the couch. I am going to cover him and make sure he’s nice and comfy.


  1. OH NO! I hope he feels better soon. He looks so comfy sleeping, it made me want to go back to bed. lol!

    It is cute how he uses his blanket to comfort his head.

  2. Oh no, that sounds like it could be a virus. I pray in our Lord's mighty name that he be healed quickly. Praise the Lord that he's resting. His little body needs all the rest to recover. I hate it when they get sick this time of the year. I swear, when my kids were little, they always got sick in between Thanksgiving and Christmas...:(

    What a little guy! He still gave you a smile even though he felt terrible. ((((((Lance)))))

  3. Poor Lance - he looks so miserable! Will be praying that he has a speedy recovery. Good thing he has such a loving Mom to take care of him. <3

  4. (((Hugs))) I really feel for him. We both look and probably feel the same right now. I will be praying for him to feel better.


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