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Lance's Composition Book

Earlier this week I mentioned that I am putting most of Lance's work in his composition book. Here is what his day will look like tomorrow.

First I write subjects that I would like accomplished so I won't forget and it keeps me on track. Then I go through his school books to see what I can add to his composition book. Below I have him write the date. I didn't really do too much calendar time with my older kiddos or have them write the date every, single day. And guess what, they still don't, so with Lance I'm going to have him start young and see if it makes a difference.
 I cut his practice math page from his book. This math page has him working toward a time test. Right now it's easy for him but I want to build his confidence. It will become more challenging as he progresses through the book. With Lance I'm not so worried about getting him through a book fast but to master the problems. I really don't feel rushed either.

Now that I've settled down with homeschooling I am more confident with teaching. I know where we're headed and we will get there. It only took me 10 years of homeschooling and 6 children to figure it out. Although I'm sweating bullets with high school. It's the younger years that I'm feeling more confident these days.

Below I have him practicing his skip counting. What I do is look through the Life of Fred book to see what is coming up and/or review what was introduced.
 Tomorrow when it's time for him to complete what 'Fred' wants him to, he will use the page on the right. There are 18 chapters in Life of Fred~Apples and so far he's completing a chapter a day.

What I like about Life of Fred is it's getting done. Before math would some times be skipped. Not sure why Life of Fred is getting done but when I have only a workbook it's not. Maybe it's the story element of it. I don't know but I've been diligent for 6 days =) In fact after CHRISTmas or sooner if I can, I plan to start Ethan using Life of Fred~Dogs and work his way up the books.

Okay, back to the composition book. He will also stamp his spelling words and do his Color By Word Family page.
 Then he will read, trace and write a sentence and the last thing for him to do in the composition book is read The -op Family Book and I'm having him copy the words.
Normally I would add his Spelling Mechanics page as well but he will start a new Unit on Monday.

What I like is he can do most of this on his own AND it keeps him busy for a while. I thought to do something similar with Ethan but it won't work. Not with using HOD, him doing math on the computer, because everything is more scattered.
Here is a glimps into his composition book for today. I pasted his math worksheet, which normally doesn't work to well because there are math problems on both sides. He worked out some Life of Fred (LOF) problems.
 Here is his test from Spelling and Mechanics Homeschool Word Study. He missed two words and made a backwards 'P'. I'll have him fix the 'p'.

I forgot to get this ready the night before, so he didn't have copywork and such. 


  1. I am your newest follower through the review crew. I was reading your post & found it so encouraging that you now know what you're doing after 10 years. We've been homeschooling for 3 3/4 & I still feel overwhelmed some days ~ slowly, slowly it's making more sense though!!

  2. I love this. I want to try something like this, but my OCD won't let me tear out workbook pages to post in a notebook. Yeah, I have issues.

  3. Renata, my first four year were the hardest =) My problem was skipping around curricula and not trusting myself.

    Mayr, I understand, I use to be that way. Now I have no problem with my children writing and marking books up and me cutting and pasting them. LOL. ;)

  4. Aaack, typing with cold fingers is not good. Sorry, Mary for misspelling your name. I meant years not year.


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