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Need I Say More ;)

Brent has been asking for weeks about having the 'box' delivered. I didn't want to pay to have it delivered. But this Sunday do to my hubby being sick we didn't eat out for lunch and I finally said yes to the 'box'. Well actually hubby said yes I was hesitant, then he mentioned that we didn't spend money on lunch. When he put it that way, it was a yes from me too.

Here is my two monkeys happy holding the box.
 I wasn't able to eat the pizza but I did enjoy swallowing almost whole noodles. Yum!
Ethan being silly with having Mr. Gallon 'holding' the box. Poor Mr. Gallon has been on our fridge for years now and he looks it. We all learn from Mr. Gallon and have become quite fond of him, it makes it hard to take him down. Putting another up won't be the same but I guess we should.

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