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Staying Up All Night

Do your children like to stay up late or all night? Mine do. Tuesday Brent, Ethan and Lance decided with our permission to stay up all night. I thought it would be fun for them. They have tried before and usually fall asleep before midnight.
I was going to be up late that night too, but I figured I’d be up later then my guys.
Here they are at around 12:20. They were listening to The Sugar Creek Gang an audio book that they love.
12.20 082 This was Ethan at 12:20 a.m.
12.20 083 I was in the kitchen and Lance kept coming in asking if it still 6 hours before morning or how many hours left. He would ask every 15 minutes. I told him that he could stay up but had to keep to the living room that I was working on my own things.
When he left I sat down in front of the computer to answer some emails. I have to have quite when composing an email and/or writing a blog post. This is why I do most of my online stuff after bed time.
I knew how important it was for the boys to stay awake until 6:00 the next morning and I wanted to help. At first I wanted peace and quiet but knowing my boys are growing up fast I decided to make this a fun and memorable night instead of us being separated.
Once I was done answering emails and such I headed over to the living room to let the boys know that we could make some hot chocolate and watch an episode of Cake Boss together.
This is how I found them, just 15 minutes from the time I told Lance to stay in the living room. This was around 1:40a.m.
12.20 085 Of course I grabbed my camera for this. When they woke a few seconds later, immediately Lance said, ‘I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my eyes’ I laughed and shot back, “You were sleeping, I got proof!!!” and showed him the picture. They both laughed.
12.20 08612.20 08712.20 088 12.20 089
12.20 091 Here is Brent heating up some milk to make two cups of hot chocolate. I kept to water. As we were getting ready to watch Cake Boss, Lance, much like his mama, spilled his hot chocolate. Thankfully there was more in the pan. We cleaned up his big spill and were off to the living room.
Once Cake Boss ended I told them we could decorate their Gingerbread house.
12.20 092 Gingerbread House Here is a picture of the time!
12.20 09312.20 095Shortly after 3:20 a.m. I told the kiddos that I have to go to bed. I would have loved to have stayed up with them all night. On my way to bed I suggested that they could always clean the kitchen. I also mentioned that it was a good way to stay awake. Music to my ears to hear, "You clean the table while I start on the counters".
The next day I had to watch Ducky, I didn't want to be ‘half’ there for him. I wanted to do some CHRISTmas crafts with him and have fun too. If I were tired the crafts might not get done.
Here is how I found the boys at 8:17 in the morn.
12.20 09812.20 099   Ethan ended up in our bed not too long after I did. I heard him come in and get comfortable between Lupe and I.
12.20 101Lupe said he found Brent sleeping in the kitchen on a chair. Would have loved to have captured that one but my Sweets isn’t a grab-the-camera kind of guy like his wife ;)
Here is the, ‘Who Stayed Up All Night’ report:
Ethan~fell asleep before midnight.
Lance~fell asleep around 4:30 or so.
Brent~fell asleep after 6:30.
Brent is the winner. He reached the 6:00 a.m. goal! Hooray, that’s a big accomplishment for a young one. I know because they have tried to stay awake all night many times before.


  1. LOL! This looked so fun! I won't even let my boys know your boys did this, they might get ideas...:)

  2. Dee you're funny. Well if they do catch wind of this you'll have to blog and share pics.

  3. LOL! Those pictures had me laughing. They did great though. So did they sleep all day?

  4. Lance woke about 10:30 but Brent slept until 1:20. He would have slept later but I woke him. It was almost time for nap ;)

  5. I love this post!!! Congrats to all of them because man oh man thats a hard thing to do. My guys have such a problem on New Years Eve staying awake so we made a tradition to play board games and watch movies until midnight then we go on to bed. My children might have to try this at some point but I'm not suggesting it at all lol!! What fun!!


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