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The Night Before CHRISTmas

The night before CHRISTmas Lupe and I are up late getting the turkey ready and waiting for the children to fall asleep so I can fill their stockings. I always enjoy and have lots of fun filling them.
12.25.12 021
This year I was doing some last minute stocking stuffers. I had one main item for each but didn’t have the the fillers (like candy). Thankfully we had to do a last minute run to the grocery store and I bought things they would appreciate from there. Hot cocoa packets, 100% Caprisun juice drink, Nerds, large mint candy, and in all of the stocking I put a Whatchamacallit, do you remember those candy bars? I have more than once told the kids about a Whatchamacallit so I thought that would be fun Winking smile.
The main stocking stuffer item was:
Joshua~ Wow 2012, which is a Christian cd with all the ‘wow’ music from that year.
Annette~Ten Girls From History Audio Book
Caleb~Big pack of gum and a Mission Ready ID/Passport Holder
Brent~Mission Ready ID/Passport Holder and a Sock Monkey (he collects sock monkey items).
Ethan~a cute pair of skid proof slippers and a Mission Ready ID/Passport Holder
Lance~a cute pair of skid proof slippers and a Angel Wars Dvd.
In Brent’s stocking I also put a cup of that not good-for-you soup.
As I’m writing this on CHRISTmas morn the children are sleeping all snug in their bed, on the floor, or couch. (they were up earlier raiding their stockings).


  1. Linda, the stockings look lovely, and I love all the cool things you put inside of them! I love how they all fit in the pegs of the Family sign. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family! :)

    ps I remember the Watchamacalit bars. They are pretty hard to find in my area...soooo good, though.

  2. My children love their stockings too! Wanted to stop and say hi from the Review Crew.

  3. Wow, nice stockings! That is one one of our favorite things to do after the kids are asleep. Don and I stuff our two stockings lol! It doesn't take much time, but it is something we enjoy doing together. :) (It was four when the girls were home.)

    The kids are jealous that y'all got snow. How FUN!! Our temps are dropping, but no snow. Lots of rain and wind though. As long as I can hold my mug in both hands and sip a yummy hot treat, I am happy. :)


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