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Turning in Cans

Here in Texas one doesn't make a whole~lot~of cash with cans. When we lived in California Josh had his little business with collecting cans, one made more there. He was four at the time. He's was and is my entrepreneur guy, actually half my kids have that mind set.

Well, fast forward to 2012, now it's my youngest two saving cans. Like I said, here in TX cans aren't worth much but that doesn't stop my boys to faithfully go out almost daily to find cans. They have been doing this for months.

Today their dad took them to cash them in. Annette made $3.00, Ethan made $11.00 and Lance made  $5.00 but ended up with $4.00. You see four singles is more than 1 single bill, so my little guy thinks. Oh my, I do need to speed up his math lessons.

Josh was telling me that Lance was disappointed when he saw that he only made on single five dollar bill. My hubby only had four ones and gave Lance a choice. He could keep the $5.00 bill or take the 4 $1.00 bills. My boys and hubby explained that there were more ones in the $5.00 bill but Lance couldn't wrap his little brain around that. He is very literal person. If I say I'm going to jump in the shower, he will ask, why don't you step in the shower. That's just one example. It's funny to hear him talk at times because of his literal thinking.

Josh also mentioned that when they were taking the cans, Lance was almost in tears. He didn't realize they were trading the cans for money at first. I think because Lupe had to drop them off in a certain area then drive around to the office to collect the money. All Lance saw was his dad driving off with no cans.

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  1. LOL! This made me laugh outloud. My middle daughter thought that rolling in the dough really meant people were rolling in flour, and she said it took her years of pondering it before she realized it was just an expression. I love when they are so innocent like that, but yes, sometimes it can be very confusing for them.


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