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Week 11/Day 5 {2012~2013}

We started our day off with some hot chocolate, well at least the kiddos did. I was going to make me a cup of java but never did get around to it =(
I had both Princess J and Ducky today so I started with them. I reviewed the alphabet, numbers 1-10, the letter A and it's sound, read his Bible memory verse, went over the two sight words and added another.
 Ducky was really happy to get his 'letter' hat. He memorized the letter name and sound thus earning his hat. They are really called Alphabet Phonics Headbands.
Princess J did not want to stop doing school. She kept this Auntie busy, busy, busy. All but the bear math page are from Ready2Read Unit 3.

Lance worked on his Horizons Phonics and read from Phonics Pathways. I didn't do as much as I would have liked with Lance.

I didn't get any pictures of Ehan but he did do school. He completed a Teaching Textbook lesson, read from phonics pathways, cursive, and did some Ready2Read workpages.

Can you tell that Brent just got out of the shower. His hair is so straight that it is always sticking up. I have some Morning Hair Tamer but it's mostly used only on Sunday.

 Brent carries that M&M tin everywhere. It contains the last piece of his blanket. he likes to have it close at all times.
 I don't know why but I love taking pictures of my kid's hands. Maybe it's because they are growing up so fast.

 Caleb still needs to finish his notebook pages. This is what happens when mama doesn't check their work every day.
At least he completed this one.

 Annette working on her History Project via Heart of Dakota ~Res. to Ref. I like that HOD has the children do projects. I think it gets their creative juices flowing.

Annette, is making things she would never have attempted before. She's pretty creative too. For this project she made a shield like those used in the Holy Roman Epmire time. To draw the eagle she first used graph paper, then traced it hard onto black white paper, colored, cut, and glued it onto the shield that was made out of cardboard.

I think it came out very well.

Since I don't post too many pictures of Joshua's work, I made sure to take some pictures of his science pages (WinterPromise).

 With the mouth below, Joshua wrote, 'perfect' because he added a little bit of yellow and some silver to the teeth. Goofy kid! (and no, Josh doesn't have any silver in his mouth. Hee, hee).

Oh, can't forget to show you how Annette's and Brent's Heart of Dakota Guides look. I think I almost caused some HOD moms to hyper ventilate when they saw these (I posted pics on the HOD Forum).
 Above is Brent's and below is Annette's.
Annette, checks each box off as she completes it. Once she marks all the boxes on the page she puts a big check mark. The big check mark tells her she received her tickets. If she didn't put a big check then she didn't get her tickets.

I like them having their own guides and being able to mark them as they please.


  1. Wow, looks like everyone is doing great.

    We start back on Tuesday. For some reason I am a little nervous. I am hoping the kids will take to the reentry smoothly.

    Brent sounds like Donnie with math. :) Donnie has gotten better too, but sometimes he takes SO long to do a lesson.

  2. The hot cocoa with marshmallows looks so inviting. The WP science pages look very interesting! Do you feel the science program "flows?" I used two of WP programs in the past and found them both to be so choppy that I tweaked them a ton.

  3. Mary to be honest, Joshua does it all on his own, so I don't know. It does seem a little light for high school, so he is writing at least one written narration a week and I added some DVDs


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