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Week 12/Day 1 {2012~2013}

I woke late today but it was a good thing. Although I was off track today because of it. You know me, change my schedule and things don't go so smoothly. I was able to get a lot of schooling done.

I started school about 10:00 with no coffee or breakfast. Not a good thing, but I was able to keep my flesh under control. That's an inside joke between Annette and I. When our sinful nature comes forth we say, it's the flesh not the spirit. =)

I wanted to start with Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study first. We started with a worksheet and discussed how the words are similar, different and went over the sounds in the words. We then went over his personal words (look, you, my, to, down, jump). Lastly I had him do the matching page.
I gave him the pile of pictures and letter sounds (/s/, /l/, /g/, /sl/, /gl/). He had to match the pictures with the blends and single letter sounds. I didn't tell him the 'rules' I let him discover what to do.
 I then sat with him and we went through each row. The row farthest to the right he put the picture card of a slipper under the sound /s/. He realized that it should have been put with the /sl/ blend, so he fixed it.
The second row from the right he realized that glasses should be in the /gl/ section, even though it starts with the /g/ sound.
 This was a great way for him to really hear, concentrate and analyze the sounds. I know his cute brain cells where working.

We then went over his word from Ready2Read. He colored his new sight words. We then sang the Sight Word song using the word 'down'. I think I had more fun then he did. He also colored his sight words. I'll take pictures later and post.
 He also copied some phrases in his Horizons Phonics book.

Ducky started his second week of Letter of the Week School. This weeks letter is E, shape~triangle, color~red, number~2 and verse~Proverbs 20:11.
He also colored his Letter of the Week bracelet  This has the letter, shape and number that he is learning for the week on it.

I've been after-schooling Princess J about 3-4 days a week. Depending on what time her mama gets home.
First she does her homework from school, which usually is copying some words and a sentence. I sit next to her to guide her with how she writes her letters. I say, "Start the h at the top", her penmanship has been improving a lot. Before her letters were flying off the lines.
 Once she completes her homework, she reads a few pages from Pathway Phonics, then she gets to do the fun stuff, coloring or using the dot paint. She loves the worksheet Find and Color from Ready2Read.
I don't remember exactly what Brent was working on but he was determined to finish all his school.
He is having a hard time with all the reading in history and science. With history I will read some of the pages and he will read some. If I can't sit with him then I have him read half the pages. With science he has to read around 4-5 pages which is a lot as well. Because I only have so much time and can't sit with him every day for those two subjects I am going to have him stop HOD science for now.

I found an easier book for him to read on animals. What he will do is read about a certain animal and write a 3-4 written narration. The Apologia book is just too difficult for him to read and comprehend. Once the book is no longer scheduled than he might continue with HOD science.

I also did:
*Ethan~Phonics Pathways
*Annette~Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Study. Today we went over her worksheet. She is starting *Unit 2~Latin Roots and Prefix: spect/spic/scrib/script/re.
*Josh~Spelling Power, he likes it so far and loves that he is only studying words that he misses. When he only has three words to study I'll ask him what word would he like to learn and we add it to his list.
*Caleb and Brent~Rod and Staff English, today was about paragraphs.
*Annette~Beautiful Girlhood Bible Study, I'm enjoying this time with Annette. I love the discussions we have. Praying with her I think really draws us closer.
*Calender time with Ethan. I hope to make this a regular thing.
*Ducky, counted to 10 and reviewed the alphabet from A-Z and went over his sight words.

That's another day in the home of Homeschooling6!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the oral surgeon, so I don't expect to get a lot of one-on-one school done. Caleb and Brent will do as much as they can on their own (which is a good amount these days, praise the Lord), Annette and Josh pretty much do it all on their own with me checking in for accountability.

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