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Week 12/Day 2 {2012-2013}

This morning I had an appointment with the oral surgeon. Everything is healing nicely. I need to work on opening my mouth wider, so four days a week I have 'therapy' =) to do. He also put another band toward the back of my mouth.

I'm thankful to the Lord that I was able to get some schooling done as well. Yay! Normally I don't get much done on days like this.

I started with Ducky, going over the alphabet, numbers 10-10, reviewing the letter 'A' and 'E', and going over his sight words.
 Ducky is stamping each sight word with a different color. First I asked him to point to the word 'see' this way I can tell if he really knew it or not. He did!
 Making the letter 'E'.
 This is what our wall looks like this week. I added pronouns for Caleb and Brent to memorize. Having them see the pronouns every, single, day has helped.
 Because my pocket chart was in storage for three years and folded, it's a bit warped down the middle.

I after-schooled Princess J. First we did her homework. Her words that she needed to copy had vowel/consonant teams, ch, ck, ai and ee. Since she didn't know what sound they made we went over that, then I helped her sound out each word that she was suppose to write, cheese, chin, chain, chick, and so forth.
Then I had her read from Phonics Pathways. She is working on cvc words using the hard sound of 'c' and 'k'. She had a bit of trouble sounding some of the words out, so instead of moving onto the next page I had her copy the words on the mini chalkboard and sound out the word as she wrote it.
 After she did this with most of the words, I then dictated words to her and she wrote them on the chalkboard. She really liked writing with chalk and was very proud of herself when she remembered to us the 'c' and 'k' correctly.

Lance started his day off with Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study. First we went over the long and short vowel sound from the sheets that I printed off from the Cd. Then he wrote the words while sounding out each letter sound.
I didn't have him draw the pictures because he knew the meaning of each word. When we get to harder words I'll have him complete this step.
Lance also completed his Ready2Read assignments. The only thing left is math for him to complete. I need to sit with him. I ordered Life of Fred Apples and will start with that as soon as it arrives. He's kind of stuck in his math book so I thought Fred might be able to help.

 Joshua working on Spelling Power. Yes I had to get a picture of his hands too.
 My boy is growing up way too fast.
He is doing well with Spanish. He's going to have to teach me a few words. Joshua, is very diligent with his school work, even though his days are long he takes the time to do a good job.

Heart of Dakota~Creation to Christ, Unit 6. Yay, we are on unit 6 and the boys are doing great. Today we enjoyed our Story time read aloud, Boy of the Pyramids.

 Above Brent just finished filling out a box in his notebook and below he is writing a written narration, what he learned about panda bears.

The Caleb and Brent compled a Spelling Mechanics work page.

Annette working on science via Res. to Ref.  from Heart of Dakota. 
 Below is Ethan's work from Rod and Staff 3.
At 7:49 p.m. Ethan has completed a TT4 Math quiz.
And read from Phonics Pathways.

Today's episode was interesting.

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