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Week 12/Day 3 {2012-2013}

This is the way I like to start my mornings. The mug I purchased from Yellowstone National Park.
It was another pretty busy day. I tried really hard to get in most of our studies.

Because things can get hectic, I try to do Spelling Power with Josh first thing. It seems if I don't do school with him first I keep pushing it aside until it's suddenly bed time and we try again the next day. So this way if I get to him first it gets done. Yay!

Next I wanted to teach Caleb and Brent. I know Charlotte Mason says short lessons, well, that just doesn't happen. If I round them up, they need to stay until we're done because again, often times I don't get them back. It took two hours but I was able to get through all the subjects that require mom.

I did switch things around, it wasn't straight sitting doing book work. I started with geography @ 9:20. We are studying Turkey. I read from A Child's Geography Vol. 2 and then we looked up the place on their maps.
Then I read from our read aloud, Boy of the Pyramids. They didn't want me to stop reading but we had to get the rest of our subjects in, so only one chapter for us.

Next was poetry. We didn't start our poetry watercolor painting yesterday, so that is what we did today. Look how happy my students are =)

 Then they started goofing around. I tell ya.

If you look at their sheet of paper, you'll notice some blue dots. That's tape. We are going to paint over them. They are suppose to me fireflies. 

Once done with painting we did writing via Write with the Best. I actually had fun with this. I think the boys did too. Not like fun, fun, but just hanging out finding verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs kind of fun.
 We did this together sentence by sentence. Both pictures are of Caleb. 

 Brent preferred using highlighters.
When we finished with our writing assignment the kiddos thought they were done. Key word, thought. Hee, hee (wicked laugh). Not yet we still have spelling.

Yesterday we started Unit 7 of Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study. The boys are studying the words with 'ow' and 'ou'. I reviewed the rules with them before having them do the worksheet. What I like about the worksheets it's it encourages the child to study the words. Not just fill in the blank. Later after lunch I rounded Caleb and Brent again so we could play one of the games from the program.
Instead of playing the game, I had them spell all the words as I read them. I know boring mom, but I wanted to further discuss the word patterns and rules. We learned something new that really helped my boys remember when to use 'ow' and 'ou'. Out of all the words they spelled today, I think it was 20, both boys only misspelled two words. Normally they would have missed um, let's just say a lot.

Next up! Ethan, yay! First I read from our history book Journeys in Time A New Atlas of American History.

Then for Artistic Expression he made a sand painting. Indians in the Southwest made beautiful paintings. They thought it brought healing to the sick.
 First we colored the salt.
 While the salt dried, Ethan drew a picture of a ship and painted watered down glue all around it.
I thought it came out pretty nice.
 Awww, he's so proud of his work.
Them we moved onto Rod and Staff English.
I didn't get to my last two students (Lance and Ducky) until 2:00 p.m. which is normally quiet time.
 Because I didn't have a lot of time and wanted to make sure that Lance completed his spelling lesson, I started with Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study.
 While I worked with Ducky I kept Lance busy with Ready2Read worksheets. I don't remember why but he was in a hurry. You can see it in his work. He missed two words on the Color By Word Family page and his tracing is sloppy. I was to tired to have him do it over.
 Lance eating his Dino Nugges with Nutella. He asked to add pickles but I said, no. Gees, he's eating like a pregnant women ;)

While Lance was busy with his work I started with Ducky. We went over our daily stuff, alphabet, numbers and such. I then had him paint some salt too, so he could glue it on his letter of the week.

 We also did a counting worksheet but I didn't get a picture.

Lastly @ 3:00 p.m. I did some after schooling with Princess J. As usual we did her homework from school first.

Once done I went over the 'ck' rule and had her read the words. She really enjoyed writing the words on the chalkboard yesterday, so we did that again today. Tomorrow my letter stamps should be here, so next time she can stamp some words.

 She also completed some math worksheets. Then it was snack time because by then I was exhausted.
Hope enjoyed another peek into our homeschooling day.

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  1. I remember dino nuggets!

    I would be proud too if I were Ethan. His art came out nice.

    Great job on all the work you do. Even preschool! I know it isn't easy, but your reward awaits in heaven. :)


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