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Week 12/Day 4 {2012-2013}

Today is our Friday. Lupe is taking tomorrow off because we have our yearly check-up appointment for all 8 of us. I love that my doctor will see us all on the same day. Makes life so much easier for us.

I started with Joshua again. First we did Spelling Power then Bob Jones Grammar.

Then Caleb and Brent were in the 'hot' seat. We started off with our poetry painting. I love this part of our school. Yes, it's not easy to fit in but so worth it. You know me, I'm always trying to get the 3R's in but I'm trying to stay diligent with this. It's refreshing and we need a break from 3R's too.
 Brent adding some branches.

 Here is my finished painting. My fireflies don't look like fireflies but I thought they were still pretty =)
 Below is Caleb's finished painting. He misplaced his poetry quote, but will add it when it's found or copied again.
 Here is Brent's.
 With our paintings did you all notice something not right? Hee, hee, Brent and I painted our tree on the wrong side. The blue is the sky and suppose to be on top! It was my fault because I held up my painting to show them what we were doing.

Brent is learning about decimals and I wanted to give him a visual to help him understand the value of each number.
 I love, love, love the way Bob Jones teaches Place Value and Decimal Place Value. I'm using the BJ manipulatives from Caleb's 4th grade year when we used Bob Jones. I really would have liked to continue with Bob Jones Math with Caleb but I needed DVD help (someone to help teach) because of the time factor of teaching four children in 4th grade and under.
 Caleb is able to handle Heart of Dakota~Creation to Christ science but it was a bit too much for Brent. Right now I'm having Brent read about an animal from Zoo Guide and write a written narration.
Once he completed his narration I go over it to help him improve his writing. I like that I'm giving him some guidance.
Today I also sat with him for history. He read from his history text on his own, then later I read it to him. He then answered the questions from the Guide and I highlighted the answers in the book with highlighting tape. He then read the highlighted portion and wrote his narration. It sounds like a long process but it's working for him.

Below is Ducky pointing to a number that I called out. He had fun using my pointer that my MIL gave me last CHRISTmas.
 After going over all our daily stuff, Ducky completed some Letter of the Week worksheets. Lastly I had him cut out the parts of the elephant, glue them to construction paper and paint some grass, sky and such. He enjoyed painting. I need to get the paint out more often.
 Yesterday Life of Fred~Apples arrived, so we started on the first chapter. Before completing the Your Turn to Play, I had Lance find all the ways to equal 7. Then I had him say all of them out loud.
 Next week I'll have the children write words they are studying with stamps as well. I think it will be a fun way to write and memorize.

God bless,


  1. Looks like a good week. I love the paintings. I am stopping by from the Review Crew to follow you.

  2. What cool paintings! And how great on the schedule to all have appointments at the same place and same day.


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