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Week 13/Day 1 {2012-2013}

Once home from our crazy morning episode, I started schooling. If I don't start right away then no school will get done.

First up was Josh, with Spelling Power, then WordSmith, and last was Easy Grammar. That took about an hour.

Next was, Caleb and Brent. We did Bible Study and I read from Genesis Finding Our Roots, and A Boy of the Pyramids. After that we did English and they were off on their own.

By this time it was almost lunch and I hadn't taught Ethan, Lance, or Ducky. I decided to try and fit English in with Ethan.

 He completed a Teaching Textbook lesson and scored a 91%.

After schooling Princess J.
After she completed her homework I read Life of Fred~Apples to her and then wrote all the addition problems that added up to 7. She recited them as well and completed the LOF page.
 Once done with math she read to me from Phonics Pathways. Lastly I wrote words that she is practicing reading from Phonics Pathways on a piece of paper and had her stamp them. She really liked that. She stamped at least 10 words. When she was done stamping the word I had her circle the 'ck', say the sound it made, and read the word.
At four o'clock I sat with Lance. He did the same thing as Princess J. Life of Fred, read from Phonics Pathways, and stamped the words. He also completed a few mat pages from his workbook.
 Stamping two letters at the same time, although the 'a' is upside down.
 I wrote the words and he stamped them.


  1. I love the leter stamps. Looks like a great day. Which TT is he using? Noodle is on TT3 and he lives for the bonus rounds!

  2. Hi, Mary, Ethan is using TT4. He doesn't love it but it gets done =)

  3. Forgot to add that he does like the bonus rounds too!


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