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Week 13/Day 2 {2012-2013}

When Princes J comes after school and I sit with her to complete her homework, phonics, math, and practice her reading, I realized that we do almost a whole day of  the ' basics' school. I don't do writing, history, or science but we get a lot done in the hour that I have her. This got me thinking. Why don't I do this with the rest of my children. Particularly Lance and Ethan.

Last night as I was thinking about this I decided I'll try it the next morning. Joshua is an early riser and likes to get started with school right away, so I made sure I woke and was ready to start. 
 At 8:15 I we started with Easy Grammar.
 Crossing out the prepositional phrases.
I corrected as he did each one. This way he'd be done and won't have to do this late. 
 Spelling Power time.

I didn't get a picture of him doing his writing. We went over what he needs to do, so he did that on his own when he had time. Tomorrow we will go over what he wrote together.

Next was Ethan!  I was so happy we did Bigger Hearts today. I read about the Mayflower and the trip it made across the Atlantic Ocean.
 Using a soccer ball we labeled the equator, eastern, western, southern and northern hemisphere. We also looked at what continents where on each hemisphere.
 On the globe we marked North America.
 He also completed Rod and Staff English.
Ethan's math page. The computer was not working, so he wasn't able to complete a Teaching Textbook lesson.

About 10:00 a.m. it was time to school Lance. Something new I decided to do was fill his composition book with all his work. This way everything is in one place and he could do more on his own. 
Right now in Life of Fred he is learning his 7 addition facts, days of the week, and skip counting by 5's, so I put all that in his composition book for him to do on his own. I also put his five personal spelling words and any Ready2Read worksheets that I wanted him to complete.
 I wrote everything out the night before and used double sided tape for the worksheets.
 I cut all the worksheets down to size. As you can see I haven't corrected his papers.

Since I had this all prepared and it was all in one place he was able to work on his school while I did school with Ducky. 
 After reading the chapter and going over all the ways to make 7 he completed the Your Turn to Play from Life of Fred. I wrote Saturday is the _______ day and had him write the word 'fifth'.
 Above Lance is copying the days of the week. We read them together first. Below he is practicing his spelling words. He was so proud of himself because he covered the word with his hand then attempted to write the word. He did pretty good.
 Full picture of Lance practicing his spelling words. I like getting close-ups of their hands. I end up with twice the amount of pictures to post though.

 Completing his copywork. I was going to save that for tomorrow because it seemed like he was doing a lot of writing but he did it anyway.

At 10:40 Ducky arrived. For the next hour I went between him and Lance. Lance was able to work in his composition book most of the time. I also had Caleb and Brent come to the table to start Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study. So now I'm having Lance work in his composition book, getting Caleb and Brent started with spelling and guiding Ducky with his work.

 I started off with counting the dots on each leaf with Ducky. We did this together. Some numbers he is not able to identify yet. 
 Dot painting.

 Then I had him put stickers on the letter 'I'.
 Practiced more counting. He would step on the number mat and say the number. 
 Coloring his sight word 'me'.

After playing one of the Spelling Sorts game, I had the boys work on the worksheet. We also went over the spelling rules.

Brent writing. Today we used Write with the Best, Unit 2 Day 3. They had to make a list of the senses found in the reading passage (sight, smell, touch, etc.).

Annette working on her spelling via HOD which uses IEW.

After lunch I let Ducky and Lance paint. It all started because I wanted to get their hand prints.

 Ducky started with green paint then added blue and red.

 Here I have him making letters and shapes. I put some of the paint in the bag with glue. I then sealed it with packaging tape and used the painters tape to keep it still on the table.


 After finger painting he wanted to make a picture.

After schooling Princess J.

Like all the other days I had her start with her homework from school.
 She had to color all the pictures that have the long /A/ sound.
(This is how I came about with putting most of Lance's work in his composition book)
Then I read another chapter of Life of Fred and like Lance, she did the Your Turn to Play.
She also read from Phonics Pathways and stamped some more words.

During quiet time I snapped a pic of Josh and Brent.
 Josh working on Bob Jones Grammar and Brent reading his history book.

Wow, I took a lot of pictures today!

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  1. Awesome pics! What an adventurous day (with paint!). I like the idea of 1 hour with each kid. I'd love to eliminate the mass confusion and 3 voices shouting "Mom! Mom! Mom!" lol.


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