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Week 13/Day 4 {2012-2013}

 Today I added in Drawn into the Heart of Reading by Heart of Dakota. I'm not sure how this is going to work because it did take us forever to complete one lesson today. I could have completed the lesson orally but my goal with Ethan who is in 4th grade is to get him writing more. I asked him the questions and wrote his answers on notebook paper. I then had him copy the answers in his book.

 Brent completed his Spelling Mechanics Unit Test, below is what he worked on yesterday.

 Annette's science question, why don't the layers that make up Jupiter's atmosphere mix together? She's learning about the differing densities and mixing of Jupiter's fluids that help create its layered look.

 Lance playing The Reading Game. It came in the mail today. I purchased it used but it's practically brand new.
Caleb completing his notebooking work and Ethan watching Lance and I play The Reading Game.
Mom buying the next book of Life of Fred for Lance, wearing her pj's and sitting at the only computer that worked today.

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