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Week 13/Days 3 & 4 {2012-2013}

I got behind yesterday and didn't post. I'll add those pictures at the bottom of this blog post.

Wednesday I was up until 4:00 a.m., yikes! I was up writing. I gave myself permission to sleep in the next morning because if I didn't I'd be a grump. I also didn't expect myself to get all subjects done. I mentally made a list of what was priority.
With Lance and Ethan it was math and reading. With Josh it was Easy Grammar, Wordsmith, and Spelling Power. With Caleb and Brent it was poetry and English. By doing this it made my day very doable.

In the morning I wasn't stressed out and rushing around. I felt refreshed and ready to conquer the day, even though by the time I was ready to start it was already 10:00. Normally I'd be freaking out but because I talked to God about my day, and didn't expect so much from myself, I had a really good day.

First thing I did was work with Joshua. It didn't take too long today. Easy Grammar was a review page or at least that's what it look liked. I still had him sit with me so he could just get done. He was doing so well that I had him stop half way. Spelling Power takes about 10 minutes. I go through the list of words. Once he has missed five spelling words I stop. For writing he had to write a descriptive paragraph so that he did later.

I then worked with Lance. He started with a bit of an attitude but I silently prayed and stayed calm. I kept with his lessons and we got through them. Yay, thank you Jesus.
 We started with Life of Fred per his request.

 Then he read a page from Phonics Pathways.
Then I went over his composition book.

Ducky was ready to start school so I gave him a worksheet to do while I schooled Caleb and Brent.

As you can see that was not a good thing ;) he is suppose to circle the 'I' and 'i' not the letter 's'.
 While Ducky was circling the letter I, the boys and I prepped for our poetry painting. Ducky finished his worksheet when we were going to start, so I had him work with inch worms. He had to make the same pattern. To make it last longer I had him glue them to construction paper. He really liked it. I it was the colorful inch worms that he liked so much.
Caleb, Brent and I started painting.
 While we were painting Ducky finished his pyramid of worms, so I gave him some leaves and worms to count.
While I helped Ducky count the dots on the leaves, the boys continued painting.
 I always have a hard time with keeping the color as we go. We are suppose to load up our paintbrush with the yellow paint. Stroke the brush across the paper, then do it again, wet our brush and continue to go down the paper without adding more paint.

Uusally I cheat and dip my brush back into the paint or take from the top of my paint to continue. This time I didn't and I have no paint on half my page.
Caleb's painting looks good. At least his has more paint.

Ducky wanted to paint too, so I gave him one of his coloring worksheets. He was really careful and did a great job.

 Brent did a good job too but we all had trouble with getting the paint to last until we got to the bottom.
I also read from our read aloud and completed an English assignment.

Yes, my children raise their hands.
 It's past nine in the picture below. Father helping his son with a math lesson.
And that was another day at Homeschooling6.

Now to post Wednesday's pictures.

When I write about Lance doing the "Your Turn to Play" from Life of Fred, this is what I'm referring to. A page with problems and they are to write it down, not do it orally.

 Lance working on his Spelling Mechanics lesson. He is making words with 'ad' and 'an' families. If it's a real word, he writes it down.

Lance completing his Break the Sight Word Code with stamps.

 Ducky matching the capital and lowercase letters.

He loves the paint~bag that I made him. He will get it all by himself to play with it.

Science experiment about germs, this is from Bigger Hearts. I had read about this experiment years ago when Josh was small but guess what? I NEVER got to it. Yeah, lazy me. Now that it is scheduled some 7 years late I'm finally getting around to it, just not with Josh or Annette.
 Ethan was not as enthusiastic as I was. I had to force him to show me his hands for a picture.
 The glitter represents germs.

Thankfully Brent stepped in ;)
 Brent washed his hands in water but not all the glitter came off. He then used a paper towel to try and wipe the glitter off. It wasn't suppose to come off but it was, so I had to stop him with using the paper towel. Hee, hee.
 Lastly he used warm, soapy water thus demonstrating that soap and water wash away germs.
 All gone!!!

 Ethan's English.

 That's all folks!

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  1. I love that your kids raise their hands. I should institute that rule!


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