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Windows Live Writer

A month ago I found Windows Live Writer on my laptop. If it hadn’t been for some of my Crew friends I wouldn’t have known what Windows Live Write was or is. When I found it I was surprised and happy because they all have raved about it.
For me, these things freak me out. I don’t like when I have to give passwords and such. Yikes. I’m a little iffy but pray my blog doesn’t disappear or something.
I’m going to try adding a picture.
199Hey, that was fun. You can do all kinds of things without having to go to PicMonkey or cropping and you don’t have to crop and size before adding the picture. Wow, I’m in the dino ages. This can be addicting. The picture is a bowl of fruit we had months ago.
Well you all know what’s going to keep me busy for a while. The only thing is I don’t have Live Writer on our main computer and that is where I blog from. My laptop does funny things. One time while blogging a whole paragraph was wiped out. I think I touched the little mouse pad area. I’m afraid I’ll be working on a review and it may poof away. This is why I don’t write reviews from my laptop, that would be horrible.

Hmmm, I added a table, will have to play around with that in the future.
I just hit ‘Plug in’ not sure about that, I don’t want to overload my computer.
Wow, I can add a map too. What would I do with this feature? Guess it’s good to have, one never knows ;0) hey wonder if there are smiley faces too. I like using those, they help show the mood of my sentence.
Map picture
That’s it for now, I think I’m going to like this. I do have some questions though. One being about the pictures. Are they still going to show up on Picasa and take up space on my blogger account? If anyone can help me out with that question please leave a comment with the answer. Thank you!


  1. I tried Windows Live Writer a few years back, and liked it, but then it wouldn't post my posts correctly and some other things I can't remember that I chucked it. I have been tempted to try it again, but you know how experiences keep you away. :) I did like how you could add watermarks to your pics and frames too. I am sure it is even better now.

  2. I've never tried this. Not sure if it works with wordpress though?


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