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New Years Eve

Today I took the kids to the park. I hadn’t taken pics of the kids in front of the big tree. I wanted to make sure and take them before the city took the tree down.
Lance being silly!
And Ethan too. My silly boys!
The kids played some at the park. After we stopped at our favorite coffee shop.
What a beautiful cup of coffee. It was so good. I ordered the CinnaBabe made with almond milk. This is the only coffee place that I know serves almond milk, yay!
Homeschooling6 Coffee
Awww, what a good bunch of cute looking kids I have Open-mouthed smile
I need to come back tomorrow and finish.
Okay, I’m back, it wasn’t tomorrow but two days later. Here are the rest of the pictures.
My blessings
On the way home I had to take a picture of these interesting looking cabbage plant.
Cabbage plant
We had a fun day. Lance took his little remote car that is falling apart with us. He had fun with driving it around at the park.

Before I left I did have each child ‘donate’ a dollar if they wanted a fancy coffee. I told them they are expensive and it would help out some. I have noticed that they are all excited to get a fancy drink when I have to pay but when they do it’s another story. I know $4.00 is a lot to a kid but it’s a lot to me as well.

I love treating my children but at the same time I want them to understand that money doesn’t just grow up out of the ground. For the most part they are really good about money but it doesn’t hurt to remind them once in a while.
My coffee bill was $32.00 Surprised smile.

My Poor Baby

My baby was not feeling well today. He said his stomach hurt and needed to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden I heard him yelling, “Help me, I hurt, somebody please HELP me!!! I go running to the bathroom thinking my babies appendix burst.

The bathroom was locked so it took me a while to get in. He kept yelling, “Hurry! I hurt”.

Thankfully it wasn’t his appendix, he was constipated. Poor guy. I gave him a TBL of Blackstrap Molasses and made him a cup of coffee. I sweetened the coffee with xylitol hoping it would speed thing up.

He was in so much pain. I tried to have him walk around to help get things going but he said he couldn’t. Finally I got him to lie down on the couch. I grabbed my coconut oil and gave him a massage. The massage relaxed him and he fell asleep.
Later he woke up in pain but was ready to go. I took him to the bathroom and the poor guy kept saying, “I can’t do this mom, it hurts too much”.

When it was all over Lance said, “I thought I was going to pass away”, my poor little guy thought he wasn’t going to live through it. He also said, “Mom, I feel like I’m having a baby” (he said this earlier)

Sick Baby

Right before CHRISTmas some of us came down with the sniffles. Thank goodness it wasn't really bad. I tried to have some homemade remedies for us and I think it really helped. I ate a lot of coconut oil too. The rest of the family had my raw honey-citrus concoctions.

Even the little guy that I babysit got sick. I sure loved cuddling with him though. Brought back memories of my own children at that age. Sweet, sweet, memories.
Baby(Picture taken 12/18/13)

Lance Taking Selfies

I found these on my camera, hehe.

Too Cute!




Date Night

Hubby and I just got back from another wonderful date. Our dates usually consist of eating a cheeseburger (my favorite), going to Target, stopping at a coffee shop, and heading on home.
Sometimes we will stop at Half Price Books but that’s an occasional treat.
Tonight we went to a cute little burger joint. We’ll it wasn’t really cute, maybe quaint or old fashioned would better describe it but I always use the word cute.

I took my camera but the batteries died so no pictures Sad smile. I ordered a burger with grilled onion, cheese, blue cheese dressing, tomatoes, mayo, and only 1 piece of bread (I actually just took on piece off). It was delish, not exactly low-carb but lower than most.

We then went to Starbucks. I had a 50% off coupon. Our bill came out to $6.95. I ordered a sugar free hazelnut with half & half. Yum. Lupe had his usual, Java Chip with extra ice.
Last stop with Target. Annette, Caleb, and Brent needed some food for the guinea pigs. Of course we stop for a few items and end up with many. I bought some Granny Smith apples, Hass Avocados, cauliflower, carrots, cottage cheese, cream cheese, milk, pants for Caleb, and a few other items. Boy does it all add up fast.

Then we headed home. The baby that I babysit did great. We take him with us when I watch him on Saturdays.

I love our date nights. We didn't always have date nights where we actually left the house. When the kiddos were smaller we’d have our date at home. We put the kids to bed and I’d make us our favorite iced mocha. I don’t remember the name but it had cherries, chocolate, chocolate covered espresso beans, and of course coffee. I would use the powdered chocolate and coffee extract from Coffee Bean.
Hubby and I would play Skip-Bo or another card game or watch a movie. It was fun.

Homeschooling6 Mom

Pretty Flowers

My hubby brought these home for me to enjoy.
These photos were taken Dec. 18th. I’m just super late with posting.

Ice Storm

I’m sick, can you believe it. The semi-healthy eater is down with a cold. My hubby caught the cold virus this past weekend and although I made all my little concoctions to prevent me from getting sick, I did.

Last night was a yucky night for me. My son Ethan came to our bed around midnight. I was so hot that I left to sleep on the lumpy couch. I found a sheet and tried to get some sleep. My head hurt too. I did not sleep well. I should have got up to take a painkiller but I was too lazy.

About five hubby found me asleep on the couch and brought me a glass of cold water and an Aleve. I had an orthodontist appointment at 9:00 A.M. so I had to get up at 8:00 otherwise I’d probably have slept past 10:00, yikes. Anyway, I’m doing better. Annette, Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance are out doing their last minute Christmas shopping with Grandpa. Josh is getting some much needed schoolwork done and here I am. I thought I’d take this quiet moment to blog. I’ve missed writing about our days. So much has happened. We took a Staycation, Grandma came to visit, we survived an TX ice storm, and now getting ready for CHRISTmas.

I thought I’d share some pictures of what I call the Texas Ice Storm. I remember about five years ago everything was iced over. It all looked so beautiful but I don’t remember so much damage as this one brought. Our Texas trees where not meant to bear so much weight. This wasn’t snow but ice. Things were frozen in time so it seemed.

This was the first week of December, I think on the 6th through the 8th when everything was iced.
This is one of my favorite pictures. I call it my Narnia pic. Isn’t it beautiful?

ice cicles

Our little tree, hope it survives.

The windshield.

The Narnia tree below is in our neighbor’s yard.

The Narnia tree snapped. It was pretty eerie that morning, waking to trees snapping. We had a smaller branch from the tree pictured above this one break off as well.

I was thankful we had the bigger tree (pictured below) in the backyard trimmed a few months back (thank you Jesus) because that one surely would have not been able to carry the weight of the ice. The tree in the backyard has had me worried for a few years now because the branches were so long and drooping. Many times during some heavy winds I would be in constant prayer that the branches would not give-way.

My girl looking cute as ever out in the cold.

My hubby breaking the ice of the front of the truck. Lots of pieces broke off. It scared my MIL, she thought we got hit by ice.

Look closely and you can see the tree looked like it was peeled off, pretty amazing, such a strong tree too!

I was trying to capture how the trees were so droopy. The trees were not standing tall with all the weight on them.
I’ll have to come back later (all the kiddos are back) to finish posting my pictures.
I’m back a day later. Here are some more. I took a lot of pictures of trees because I couldn’t get over how droopy they were.
Someone littered in the above photo. I don’t like litter.