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Back to Homeschool Day 3

My, what a morning. It started off horrible. I had to take 10. It all started with Josh, he didn’t complete his Spelling Power assignment. It was his second day doing this. Urrg! Yup, it was not a ‘beautiful girlhood’ moment for me.

Then Lance came to the table and looked like this.
I guess we all have our bad days, but it really gets to me because I can’t work with a little boy who looks like ^^^(that). There is no use going on with school. I prefer him to look like this. His thinking look.
I thought I’d stop working with Lance and move to Ethan, I’ll have to come back to Lance later.

I thought we should start with our Bigger Hearts program. Science was on the menu Winking smile. We did a science activity. The red paper is the bloodstream. The little circles represent the virus, T-cell, B-cells, K-cells, and antibodies. It was really fun and a great visual way for Ethan to learn how our body fights those pesky viruses.
I’m really trying to make sure I fit at least two days of Drawn into the Heart of Reading with Ethan, so today was the day. I love that this literature program points things back to God. Today we talked about Brotherly love and Compassion.
I’m using DITHOR a little different. I have Ethan read some of the pages then I finish reading the rest and we do the worksheet together. I help him read the questions, he dictates the answer to me, I have him copy it into his DITHOR student book.
Today I sat with Annette to see how she is doing. She confessed to me today that she is not doing her best work when it comes to writing. She doesn’t really like it and thus is not doing her best. The more I talked to her the more I realized it was not so much the program but me. I have not been faithful with reading all she writes. This is not how Heart of Dakota means for it to be done. Mom needs to check but I’ve been busy lazy in this area. She was almost in tears because she felt, why do this to my best if it’s not going to be checked or read. My poor baby. This should not be happening, everyone wants to feel value in what they are doing, especially children.

Here she’s doing all this work and mama isn’t even reading and acknowledging it. We came up with a plan. Dad and I will alternate with reading what she wrote. Monday-dad, Tuesday-mom and so forth. She writes something everyday whether it’s from history, science, or literature.

It rained all night so I let the children run, jump, and just have a good time in the puddles. They are all over their colds, their immune system is good otherwise I wouldn’t have let them play in the rain.
Our fence that we do have is in dire need of repair Sad smile, but look at how much fun Ethan is having in the puddle!
Look at my Brent, he was conquering the ‘hill’. Boys need to be out and run free.
Look at how happy Lance is to romp and play in the rain. As a child I always wanted to be out when it was raining. As long as there is no lightning, I’m okay with my boys out in it.
It sad because I have a hard time with letting my children do this because of ‘concerned’ parents. Many nosy neighbors don’t consider this play but child neglect these days. I like to think of it as immune building Open-mouthed smile.Our yard can be seen by our neighbors because there is not a fence all the way around it. How I miss having a private yard.

Once the kiddos were done playing outside I had them finish school. Brent had to do writing, Ethan, well he was done, Lance sat with me for Phonics Pathways and Life of Fred~Apples.
Right now in Phonics Pathways he is reading words with the ‘th’ sound. This sound has always been hard at first for all my children. Instead of pronouncing /th/ they always want to say the /f/ sound. So I usually help them along knowing that it will come in time.

Our work-space. It’s a schoolroom by day and a dining room by night.
Brent had just made some hot chocolate, that’s why the sugar and cocoa powder is out.
Well that was our 3rd day back after a long CHRISTmas break.


  1. Hi there! I'm creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. (http://letshomeschoolhighschool.com/homeschool-high-school-blogs/) I came across yours today and added it. I love finding blogs by folks in all stages of homeschooling! :) I hope you’ll drop by and hang out with us at LHSHS.com soon. Thanks in advance! Blessings..


  2. Thank you Katie, I will be sure to stop by. This will get me motivated to write more about my high schooler.

  3. Hey Linda, I see ya'll use Spelling Power. How is that? I am thinking of getting it. Any suggestions!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Huge puddles! So, was it cold?

    Our table is the same way. :) It use to bug me, especially when you had to move things to find a spot to eat. Now I have the kids put their books under their chairs while we eat. A season in our life right now. I am sure there will be a day when I will miss those books on the table. :)

    Oh, I just noticed the hot cocoa, so I guess it was cold. ;)

  5. Oh it was so much fun seeing your boys playing in the rain! Too bad your have concerned neighbors near by. ((sigh)) Just tell them they get a nice warm bath afterwards and a cup of hot cocoa. [o=

    I can understand your dd's feelings and you came up with a great solution. Also I love that your dh gets to get involved this way too, bonus. You are being such a good HS mama listening to their needs, good job girl!

    I am so glad to be back and blogging and hope to pop in here lots this year.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  6. Starting back to school is so hard and we've had those mornings, too.

    We are actually anxious to start back to school after so many weeks off and feeling out of sorts. We are still sick with coughs & colds but I am thinking that we can get in a full week of school despite the sniffles.

    Your heart is precious and I love reading about your days -- even the rough ones!

  7. Cynce, it was about 44-501* but my kiddos love it.

    Mary, I'm so glad you are back to blogging =)

    The Freemans, so far so good with Spelling Power. I like that it doesn't take a lot of time. My best advice it watch the quick start dvd. It really helped me with getting started. Sorry, but over 40 pages to read before starting it a lot. Once I watched the dvd it didn't seem like so much. I admit I didn't read all the pages =D

    The Mrs. Thank you, I love journaling our days. I'm keeping you and your family in prayer.


  8. Not sure how a 1 got there Cynce, but I meant 40-50*


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