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Chipped Tooth

Look what happened to my baby.
1.30.13 002
Now you’re probably wondering what kind of mother takes a picture when her baby just chipped his tooth huh? Believe it or not when I snapped this picture he was much more calm. I had already gave him lots of mama hugs and let him know that everything will be alright.

In fact the picture below was taken first.
1.30.13 001
Later when he was completely sure that everything would be alright we took a photo shoot. I was trying to get a good picture of his tooth.
1.30.13 004
Nope Lance your tongue is in the way, let’s try again!
1.30.13 005
That’s my boy, all smiles and big laughs. Thank you Lord.
1.30.13 006
1.30.13 007
How did it happen you may wonder?!?! Josh was coming down the hallway kicking or more like scooting a laundry basket with his feet. Lance was semi running (it wasn’t at top speed) from the kitchen, which goes out to the other side of the hallway. He saw that the laundry basket was coming his way and thought he would trip over it. I’m not exactly sure what happened but from what I could gather he tried to dodge the basket and fell. He didn’t catch himself so his tooth hit the floor.

Next thing I know is my baby is screaming and pointing to his mouth yelling, “My tooth, my tooth”, I didn't see any blood (thankfully), so I thought maybe he bumped his lip but then he opened his mouth.

I asked him if he was in pain and he shook his head know, thank you Lord, so I just hugged him and comforted him. Once he calmed down I called the dentist and they said they would see him the next morning at 8:00 a.m. They wanted to take some x-rays to make sure there was no further damage, other than his tooth.

Before Lance went to bed last night he said, “Mom, wake me up in the morning so I don’t miss going to the dentist”.
When we arrived at the dentist the wonderful staff and doctor were ready for my baby. They took an x-ray, then gave him a shot to numb the area. The tooth broke so close to the nerves and when they poured some water in that area he could feel it.

While the doctor was working on Lance, I asked if she saw a regular stream of children with chipped teeth. Her answer was a yes and mostly boys. Girls yes, but usually theirs are a lot smaller. But the boys have bigger chips like my Lance unfortunately.
1.30.13 012
All done. Good as new or almost. He can’t bite into apples and such. Eventually he will need a crown but right now his tooth is still growing. The tooth may or may not die in the future. Only time will tell . . .
1.30.13 013
It was funny, at one time while the doctor was working on him he kept squirming, so she stopped and waited (she is REALLY good with children, I’m very grateful for her), after a moment she asked him, “Are you ready?”, Lance answered but all muffled and acting like he couldn't speak (I guess he thought he couldn't because of the cotton roll under his upper lip). When she told him he could talk he replied, “Ready for what?”. I almost laughed because that is so Lance. She answered him with a, “Ready to continue”.


  1. BIG ((((Hugs))))!!!! Poor thing. I'm glad that he did so well at the dentist and will pray that his tooth will not give him any future problems.

    ....and just for the record, I probably would have taken a picture, too!

  2. Wow, that's a big chip. Poor Lance must of been scared. Good thing for Mommy hugs and great dentists! :)

    I remember when I chipped my tooth. It wasn't as big as Lance but I remember being scared my tooth was going to fall out because it felt loose after hitting the pole. I wonder if Lance thought about that too.

    Tell Lance he looks great with his fixed tooth and that he's such a brave boy!

    Love Auntie

  3. Oh my, that looked and sounded painful. I am glad it had a happy ending. I pray his tooth doesn't die.


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