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Date Night {2013}

I’m wondering if I should number my date nights or not in the title or just leave it as is “Date Night”, decisions, decisions.

My hubby and I went to Chilies for dinner tonight. We had a gift card that the kiddos gave us for CHRISTmas. They all pitched in. Love my children.
I forgot to take a picture when the food arrived, so some of it’s missing. We ordered and shared.
We were good and drank only water. It’s not only good for you but keeps the tab down. This was by far the least expensive dinner we have had in a long time. Arby’s would have cost us more. We must do this more often.
After we went to Target to get our regular stuff~Almond Milk, Chocolate Almond Milk, Taco Soup ingredients, yogurt, toothpaste, a Darth Vader toothbrush for Lance, well, the Darth Vader toothbrush is not a weekly buy but it’s cute and needs to be remembered. His current Star Wars toothbrush ran out of batteries.
Off to the coffee shop for us. We had some good talks about what we want to accomplish this year with our financials and goals for the children. My husband’s One Word is mentoring. He’s a great dad, spends time with the children, but there are areas (like the birds and the bees) where he needs to mentor more. Love my hubby for taking the time to teach and train our children in the way they should go.
We needed to get home early because my Sweets teaches Sunday School tomorrow. He studying as I type.

Lance came to me with a shirt and said, is this too slim mom. I looked at him funny and he showed me the ‘s’ on the shirt. I said it means ‘small’. He laughed and replied, “I didn’t know what the ‘s’ means”.
I bought the Nighty Night tea for Lance. He has a hard time falling asleep. I think he thinks too much.
Here he’s drinking his tea with his ‘friends’ and watching Curious George.
Do you have a date night with your hubby? I would love to read about it. If you have blogged about and would like to share, please put your link in the comments section. I would like to start a meme but need to figure out linky and make a button, so for now please leave a comment.

Date Night can mean going out for lunch, having a picnic, having coffee in your room together, it doesn’t mean you have to leave the house but just spending some quiet time with hubby.

Since I am pretty consistent with writing about our Date Nights I thought it would be fun to link-up with others.


  1. I came up with a really fun (I think) Date Night idea called "Dating through the Alphabet". My husband and I are living in two different states right now ((sob)) and see each other most weekends. With this idea, you take turns planning the date using the letter of the alphabet you are on, starting with A. Your date activities and food have to start with that letter. So, for instance, with the letter "A" I could make Asiago Chicken, asparagus, and (homemade) applesauce for dinner and we could watch the movie "A Night in Rodanthe". Then next week would be my husband's turn with "B".

  2. Nicole that is creative. Asiago Chicken sounds so yummy, I'm going to have to google A Night in Rodanthe. Oh, I'm sorry you two are so far apart, I can only imagine how hard that must be. Makes you dating through the alphabet so much more special.

  3. We had high hopes of starting off with more Date Nights, but being sick and my husband out of work has not been in our favor.

    I am hoping to feel better this week and steal a few moments alone out with my husband.

    I love all your ideas!


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