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Doctored Up Atkins Shake

This morning for breakfast I thought I’d try something different from my usual egg/mushroom/spinach omelet. I love those eggs in the morning but I need a break.

I decided to doctor up an Atkins shake. I blended the Atkins shake, ice, flax, cream, coconut oil, and protein in the blender and was pleased with the taste. At first it did have a little after taste from the shake but I didn’t notice it by the time I was done.
1.28.13 016
I didn’t taste the coconut but when using the brand shown above in my cooking, my food does have some of the coconut flavor. I have read that the unrefined coconut oil has some flavor and smell (which mine does) because it’s not processed out.

I do use Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil which is refined but they don’t use chemicals to do this. You can read about it HERE. The unrefined is what I cook with because my family doesn’t like the slight coconut flavor.
1.28.13 006
1.28.13 007
I don’t know if I overloaded my shake but I was not hungry at all today. I drank it at 8:00 a.m. and by noon I was still not hungry. I finally ate at 12:30 p.m. Since I wasn’t too hungry I decided to have a boiled egg and a yummy avocado.

I didn’t have my usual cup of coffee this morning because I was so full after drinking the shake.

The protein I found at Sprouts. I was looking for no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and low carbohydrates. Each container was $18.00.


  1. Sounds very healthy and it's great that it really made you feel full! I had wondered about the taste so I'm glad to read about your experience with it.

  2. I love coconut. I use it in just about everything. Even on my face and hands. :)

  3. With living a low carb life style one needs to balance protein and fat, this is why I put coconut oil in the shake.


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