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First Day Back to Homeschool

Anyone else have this kind of back-to-homeschool day?
And was driven to this?!?!
And this…
Let me just say I downed 3 mugs of very good coffee before drinking the Starbuck’s coffee.

My grumpies for today:
Lance-math, copywork, and all school.

My goodness, you’d think I was asking the impossible of these three hearts in training.
Embarrassed to admit I had a tantrum too.
Smile with tongue out


  1. We have regular tantrums. I wish I had a Starbucks nearby, it might help me! LOL

  2. Lou you're funny! But, yes I have had that happen before. Maybe not the coffee, but definitely the chocolate. LOL!

    Tomorrow will be better. :)

    We start back tomorrow with full days. I am a little nervous. Funny how we get nervous.

  3. hahaha .... we had the same kind of day...he cried and I ate peeps lol :)

  4. oh but he looks so cute with that adorable angry pout. lol
    For me the drug of choice has been McDonald's...calms me down every single time...I tell you...it is a couple of burgers and chicken nuggets. Brings me back to sane mommy...hehe

  5. Thank you ladies, I'm glad I'm not the only one =D and Dee, those burgers are good. Yum, love the messy Big Mac,although it's not so big to me anymore ;)


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