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Happy 10th Birthday Ethan

Today Ethan turned 10 years old. It seems like yesterday he was in diapers. My time goes by too fast. Grandpa Joe took Ethan out to lunch at Jack-in-the Box. His favorite place to eat. Auntie V bought him a birthday cake so we had that after dinner. Next Saturday we will celebrate his birthday with a little party.
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  1. Happy Birthday Ethan!

    Your birthday card will be in the mail shortly. :)

    I would have made a new years resolution to be on time with birthday wishes, but I know I will fail. So, I am not setting myself up. LOL! Who knows, it might be fun to get something AFTER your birthday...that's where we come in. :)

    Have a piece of cake and an extra scoop of ice cream for me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Ethan! You have such a beautiful smile! :) :) :) Enjoy your special day!

  3. Thank you ladies. Can't believe he is 10!!!


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