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It’s Been Two Weeks

Our two week computer break has been wonderful. The children are back to playing board games, Legos, digging holes, and having fun learning magic tricks.

Just today Ethan bought some magic trick cards at the Dollar Store. Grandpa Joe took him. He also took me to Sprouts for some vitamins.

I haven’t been taking as many pictures but have taken some. The children have taken pictures too. It’s been really nice. I feel we are staying close.

The only one that needs a longer break is Lance. He has really missed the computer and will ask about it almost daily. Who would have thought it’d be the youngest who was addicted the most, ha, not funny at all.

I finally told him to stop asking. I put a marker on the calendar so he could see when computer might be allowed again.

Lupe and I are not sure exactly what to do when the three weeks are up. We’re praying about it.

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