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I’ve Been Keeping A Secret

I’ve been keeping a secret from my blog readers and it has not been easy. Well you all know part of it, that every year I try to change the way we eat by  taking it one step at a time. Through the years I’ve made some changes and have been working at getting the family off refined foods and all the other junk.

It’s been good. Annette still loves her graham crackers though =)
As for me I haven’t had any processed, refined, or food dye for 12 whole days. Can you believe that. I’m so excited. I cut all breads, pasta, and sugar out. This has been something I wanted to do for years and years but felt I couldn’t.

If you read my blog regularly then you may know that I like homeschool curricula that holds my hand. I love scripted programs and schedule so I can mark off that we did such and such.

It’s the same way with trying to get rid of all the processed food. It just seemed too hard, complicated and overwhelming.

There was a program that I wanted to start but with me being lazy and all it seemed like too much work. I would have to buy the book and take time to read it. Yes, I love to read but not a diet book.

Then my sister announced she was getting married. She lives in CA. I had told myself years ago that I’m not going to take a trip to CA until I lose some weight. Every year for the past three years I haven’t been losing weight but slowly gaining it. You know those 2-3lbs that just creep up on you?

So my little sis and the fact that I want to wear my wedding ring all year around (not just in the winter months) has really motivated me to just do it. Lose the weight and eat healthy and make it a life changing way of eating.
I finally took the plunge and……drum roll please…………. I am now living a low carb life. I joined the Atkins website for support and purchased Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution,  The New Atkins for a New You. I also printed off all the foods that I am allowed to eat in phase 1 and went to the grocery store. It was a wonderful feeling to see my shopping cart full of real food. Nothing fake.

My family is eating so much healthier as well. This week they have had broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and many other vegetables included in their diet. Something that I’m ashamed to admit was very lacking.
We have never ate so many of God’s wonderful veggies in our life. It’s been great!

And get this, I’m going to start exercising too. This week I have been jogging using the Wii, but as soon as my T-Tap Basic Workout Plus DVD  arrives I’ll start using that 3 to 4 times a week.
There is so much more I’d like two write but this is getting long. I’ll be blogging my journey of course.

I’m linking up to Walk and Talk Wednesday (yes I know it’s Friday Confused smile).
In Him,


  1. Congrats, Linda! I started Atkins in July 2012 and have lost 34 pounds as of my last weigh in. I haven't weighed yet in January. I am just gearing up to do Phase 1 again because I have gotten lazy. I haven't had bread or pastas since July. I have been playing too much with low carb and sugar free desserts which is probably why I have been at a stand still. I am hoping that doing Phase 1 again will give me the jumpstart I need!

    You can do it!!

  2. Hi, Mary, thanks so much for the encouragement.
    I have been drooling over some of the recipes with chocolate. They look yummy but I'm too scared to try them right now. Maybe in a few weeks.

  3. Congratulations Linda! You are well on your way to better health and fitness for you and your whole family. What an encouragement you are. Thank you for sharing your journey and your "secret". You have no idea how many moms feel the same way and are looking for the REAL person for encouragement and answers. I started T-tapp this week too. I am doing it with my kids in the living room for 15 minutes. This week we did it twice (two times for two days) but lost our momentum the rest of the week. We will get back to it again Monday and try to complete it at least 3 times. It is hard to add a new habit into an already busy day. But it is a good program and we have to keep trying. I haven't started a "diet" but just trying to eat healthy. Several months ago I looked over the Atkins diet, but did not want to use their premade products. I am going to give their food list a second look and see if I can do it with out the items they sell that are not "God Made" foods and make healthy substitutes for these. A friend of mine has been doing the Atkins diet since January 1 and has lost over 10 lbs in three weeks and has totally controlled her diabetes with no additional meds. Amazing! So there are some good reasons to give it a try. I wasn't sure how to modify it, but after reading your excitement, I want to give it a try too. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. And thank you for linking up with Walk and Talk Wednesday. I'll be reading your progress and following your journey.

  4. Yay! I KNOW that you will do well!!!!

    I hope to be T-tapping along with you soon :)

  5. Hi, Melinda, the Atkins diet teaches one to how to eat better. You're eating real food. Yes, they do sell some frozen meals, bars, and shakes, but you don't have to rely on them like slim fast. The Atkins premade food is optional. I haven't had the frozen meals but have tried a few bars and shakes.

    I'm really excited to get be eating so many veggies, which is really important with this program.

  6. You are doing a great job! Glad to be a part of the journey!

  7. Hi Linda, that's great! I have to do the same thing too since I want to lose about 20 pounds before the wedding. Want to look good on my special day! ;)

    And Bobby and I decided to have the wedding in July of 2014. July is the month we began dating and so we want to keep that as our anniversary month. :D

    Can't wait to see the new you! Looking forward to reading your updates.

    Love ya!


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