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Lazy Linda

I have been so lazy these past three weeks. Busy but also a lot of laziness. I'm sure about 10 of those days I was in my pajamas. It was pretty cold though, that's my excuse.
The house can use a good cleaning, my wonderful hubby has done more housework then me, so that goes to show how lazy I've been.

All week I kept saying, today I'm going to get our school stuff organized and guess what, it's Thursday and I still haven't. Goodness me, today has to be the day. I really need to clean my homeschooling bookshelf in the kitchen.

I might have to have Josh put on some of his WOW 2013 music.
Maybe I'll come back and blog about it ;)

Things to get done:
Organize Lance School, Ethan School, and Caleb and Brent School.
Check on Annette and Joshua School.
Get Ducky's school stuff ready for Monday.
Print, print, print and print some more school stuff.
Print and Laminate Ethan's Bigger Schedule (find laminator pouches)
Watch Columbo with Annette.
Enjoy a cup of java and blog another post (hopefully I'll have pictures of how productive I was today).
Clear/clean homeschooling bookshelf.
Edited 12:39~two shelves are cleaned from my homeschooling bookshelf.
1.3.13 016
1.3.13 018
I still need to clean the 2nd shelf but that will be another day Confused smile.  I should have tackled the 2nd shelf first.

I might blog about goals for 2013 instead or what's coming up very soon to Homeschooling6 or grab some Facebook quotes and post those. This is one reason why I don't and do like FB. You can write a quick one sentence of what you did but then it's lost in FB land. I prefer all my memories in one place, here on my blog.

Okay, gotta run. Need to eat breakfast and get started.


  1. You and me both! I like the weather excuse. I've been lounging a lot too these past weeks. I guess it is kind of good, like recharging.

    I've been procrastinating on getting studies ready too. I did schedule writing for the next month. I need to get history figured out.

    The kids have been staying up until midnight. I need to get them to bed earlier now. Reminds me of the summers growing up, how during the last week we began training ourselves to wake up early.

    I was thinking of calling you tomorrow, but you might be busy...we can set a timer. :)

  2. I think this time of year lends itself to feeling lazier and more relaxed. Don't be too hard on yourself, you still have a load of littles to care for mama!

    Good job on the shelf. I'm tackling all the Christmas junk today...sheesh, where does all this stuff come from, and how did it fit in our house before??? ugh...

  3. I agree Dee, it's the time of the year and so cold. It's hard to even get out of bed.


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