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My Birthday Flowers

My sister cynce @ CyncesPlace (and her family, my BIL and cute niece and nephew)sent me some flowers on my birthday. This was 7 days after my oral surgery and I was not feeling very birthdayish.
When the flowers arrived it was a nice surprise. Aren’t they beautiful.
10.12 002
10.12 003
My hubby really meant to bake me a cake. He ended up being really busy, so I took it upon myself to bake it. I really appreciated the thought and that he went out of his way to buy the ingredients. I thought that was sweet of him. I needed something to do anyway to get my mind off myself. When I baked it, it was for my hubby not me. He took very good care of me during this time and it was my way of saying ‘Thank you my Sweets!’.
10.12 001


  1. You are so blessed to have such awesome sisters and such an amazing hubby! Love the flowers and the cake looks good too!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Yes great way to help you feel better!! Pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness, they look so nice and soft! :) I bet they smelled good too.

    Lupe is so sweet. It's the thought that counts, and he even made the trip to the store. It looks yummy.


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