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My Lance

Lance is still sick but doing much better. He did sleep most of the day today. I was surprised that he stayed up all night on new years eve.

Just a few pictures that I thought I’d share of my little monkey boy.
1.1.13 008
He was standing at the table eating an apple and I thought his legs and feet were too cute not to take a picture. I almost let this pass but thankfully I grabbed my camera.
1.1.13 013
1.1.13 007


  1. So cute! Just love that hat and slippers! He looks so happy, Linda! You are such a good mama!

  2. Hi, Dee, I'm going to miss those little legs. My monkey boy is growing up too fast.

  3. He'll always be your baby, though. Even at 12, you are still going to see his little legs as cute. ;) The baby is forever the baby. I know because my mom is the youngest of 10, and they(her older brothers and sisters) still baby her. lol! And she's 63.


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