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My New Way of Living

I have wanted to lose weight for years but didn't even bother with trying to diet. I knew I wouldn't be able to stick with them, especially the low calorie ones. I knew that when I was really ready to lose weight it would be the Atkins way.

My mom and sister have used Atkins many years ago so I am some-what familiar with it but I had never read the book.

In my heart (and belly hee,hee), I knew the only way I would stick to something  was to use Atkins. Not only as a diet but to change the way my family and I eat, so I’ve jumped in with both feet. 

I purchased DANDR (Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution) and became part of the Atkins online community (those wonderful people are awesome). Then I stocked my kitchen with real food, which is mostly refrigerated, so my poor fridge is almost bursting. I love seeing bell peppers, kale, romaine lettuce, and even something new Bok Choy (what is that I’m not sure but it’s listed as a food I can eat and I found some recipes too).

I have since purchased the newest Atkins book, A New Atkins for a New You (the latest book). This book is not authored my Dr. Atkins he passed away in 2003 I believe. I also purchased, Dr. Atkins’ Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature’s Answer to Drugs and Atkins Diabetes Revolution: The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes. Guess I went a little Atkins crazy huh?

But look at my fridge! It’s jammed packed with good stuff. It has never seen so many veggies. It’s so filled I had a hard time fitting it all in.
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It’s funny because I wanted an avocado but where or where would an avocado be? Josh said he would find it. As he was looking he asked Caleb, “When you organized the food did you color code it or organized it by texture?”, and he was serious!
1.27 046
Not everything in the fridge is low carb friendly of course. My family is not on Atkins, they just reap the benefits of it.

With Atkins you learn how to balance out your meals, for instance, you can’t eat all meat. You need to have a little fat and veggies too. Here is what I mean by making sure you get enough fat.

If I am going to eat a chicken salad, I make sure to add an avocado. If I am not going to eat an avocado then I’ll add olive oil and vinegar to my salad. It also depends on what dressing I use too. Mayo would count as a fat, and I think my Blue Chees dressing does as well. Basically you want to make sure you get your meat, veggies, and fat. You can be a herbivore and use Atkins too but since I eat meat I haven’t read much on that.

Reading labels is a must when living a low carb life. Thankfully I’ve been reading labels for years so it’s ingrained in me to read, read, read, what’s in the food I’m buying.  You’d be amazed that ‘natural’ is not always natural. My hubby is so patient when we are out grocery shopping.

What I tell the kiddos when in doubt, if it’s God made it’s good for you. If it’s man made then probably not. I don’t mind if man took the tuna from the ocean and put it in a can but I don’t like when they add or take away from it.


  1. Keep it up Linda-you can do it!! I know for me once I get on a good kick of healthy eating I lose the desire for fast\junk food. I love the way I feel when I'm eating right and staying active! And I do like setting a healthy example for my kids as well. Not that I'm overly rigid about it,but like you said they too reap the benefits! God Bless! Amy

  2. Thank you Amy, I like sharing with my children too. Just the other day I read to them what hydrogenated oils are so they would understand why we try our best not to eat food with it in it.
    Thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Oh, I love Bok Choy! We grill it with a red chili drizzle or use it in stir fry tossed in at the last minute and heated just barely, or bake it or Oh My. I think you are going to like it :). Good job!

  4. Great job!! And, I love avocados. You have me wanting one!! Might have to add it to my list today :).

  5. Lisa, I enjoy avocados too. I'm so happy I can eat one daily ;)

    Thank you!


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