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Pictures Not to Be Forgotten

I’m going through pictures that I haven’t posted and found a few.

This is Joshua’s first pen that he used until all the ink was gone. It was December 18th. It took me 40 years to do this. I have never up until I couldn’t talk during the first weeks of my oral surgery have ran out of ink. I think our table needs some oil Winking smile
12.18.12 002
Not sure what the children were watching but they all look very interested. This was taken on the 18 of December.
12.18.12 004
I love this picture of Joshua. I think he was trying to hide from the camera with the couch pillow but I threw it off and snapped. Oh, he’s so cute!
12.18.12 005
Annette pounding away. We still haven’t found an easy way to crush candy canes for our cookies.
12.18.12 007
12.18.12 010
Annette made the apron she is wearing.
12.18.12 011
This picture is called ‘The Standing Spoon’.
12.18.12 013
Not sure what Lance is doing, but remember when we could bend and move like that?
12.18.12 015
12.18.12 016
Lupe really, really, enjoyed this dinner. I slow cooked the roast and made beans and rice. Simple but satisfying.
12.18.12 014

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  1. Hi Linda! I miss our chats! I think I can't wait for the hussle and bussle of the season to just be over so we could get back to our regular routines. ;)

    Love that apron that your sweet daughter made. It is so pretty! She did such a good job! We are in desperate needs of aprons around here. I'm looking for some cheap ones, maybe even from the thrift shop because I am ruining good clothes. ;)

    Josh is growing up, Linda! He does look so cute! :)

    I love the pic of the children so concentrated on their program...

    And that meal looks extra yummy! That pork looks deliciously tender.


    Blessings on your day and rest of weekend, Linda!

    (((hugs from me to you)))



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