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Stay Up All Night New Years Eve Party

I was suppose to stay up all night with the children but ended up going to bed at 4:00 in the morning. I’ve been feeling a cold of some sort coming on for the past few days, and new it was going to affect our ‘stay up all night’ party. I tried. I was only a few hours shy from staying up all night. I felt bad because the kiddos and I had planned this for a while but they understood and sent me off to bed.

Auntie Reff, sent the children some popcorn balls to decorate. This was a CHRISTmas gift.
1.1.13 014
1.1.13 015
The Children really enjoyed making their own creation. It was fun to watch as well. Thank you Auntie!!!
1.1.13 016
Annette took her Popcorn Ball decorating serious.
1.1.13 027
Looks like Brent got some of the decorations on himself too.
1.1.13 017

Brent’s creation.

1.1.13 018
Below is Joshua’s.
1.1.13 021
Lance was very creative.
1.1.13 023
1.1.13 024
Lance, showing the back of his popcorn creation. He made a back-pack.
1.1.13 026
Annette, working on hers.
1.1.13 028
1.1.13 029
Her popcorn guy has lots of eyes.
1.1.13 039
After the kiddos made their popcorn balls we watched a movie called John Carter of Mars (I think that was the name). By the time it was over there was only 15 minutes left before the new year.

I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures but I wasn’t really feeling good.
We all toasted with some bubbly (Apple Cider). I had planned to do more with the children like play some games and such but I knew it wasn’t going to happen so instead we watched Star Wars. We started with the 4th episode.
Lupe was ready for bed by this time and I so wanted to just sleep. I didn’t want to disappoint the kiddos so I stayed up an hour longer. By 4:00 I told the children I couldn’t stay up any longer.

I left them watching another episode of Star Wars.
They all stayed up at least until 7:00 then some went to bed.
My Sweets and I didn’t wake until 11:30. That is the latest I have ever slept in, in a very long time. All day it felt much earlier. When it was 5:30 it felt like 1:30.
Brent slept almost all day. I’m surprised he was able to fall asleep for bed.
That was our ‘Staying Up All Night’ Party. Thank you Jesus for another year with my family.


  1. Sounds like so much fun to stay up all night. I would be the first one to tap out. lol.

    I love the popcorn balls! I hope to remember to get these for next year. ;) I'm going to have to write all these things down because I will forget. lol!

    Happy New Year!!

    Love the pics of the popcorn balls. The kids really did get so creative with theirs.

  2. Thank you Dee, a new tradition has begun ;) too bad your Josh couldn't come and stay up all night with us next time.

  3. I know, right. :( Maybe one day...I wish I would have had at least two more, Linda. You are so blessed to have such a quiverfull.

  4. Thank you Dee,after all those years of having toddlers and little people, it's hard to believe they are growing up so fast. My baby will turn 9 this year.


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