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This Year’s Good Health Goal

Every year I try to add new ways of eating healthy. About 11 yrs. ago my hubby and I attended a one day class about buying and renting homes. Toward the end of the class the gentlemen talked about how his mother was very healthy but at one time she was sick with cancer.

His mother took her health into her own hands by researching and changing her diet. At the time of the seminar about 11 years or so ago she was a healthy women. He ended up writing a book about what his mother found out.

I bought the book and read it. It was overwhelming at the time to want to make so many changes. I decided to do a little at a time. That year I switched to cooking with olive oil, I have since added coconut oil too.

Every year I make some changes. Slowly I have been educating myself and the children.

Here are some changes I have been making for the past 11 years or so:

*use good healthy oils

*eat less sugar, especially no hard or chewy candy

*no high fructose corn syrup

*no hydrogenated oils

*no dyes

*eat a lot less processed food. Through the years I have stopped buying things like Pop Tarts. I don’t buy a lot of packaged snacks anymore.

*no juice drinks. I only buy 100% juice and recently switched to Naked Juice.

*drink more Almond or Coconut milk. The children still have regular milk with their cereal in the morning but I use Almond or Coconut milk when making pancakes and such. Only three of my kids will drink Almond milk but I usually buy the one with vanilla for them. I just recently got Josh to drink it as well but it’s chocolate. I like all the vitamins and more calcium that these ones provide over cow milk.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll never find a can of pop in our fridge but I can say it’s very rare.

I also don’t make a big deal if we are at someone else's house and they are serving juice drinks or soda.

This years goals for 2013 is to get rid of white flour and white sugar. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do this yet but I’m going to experiment with Almond and Coconut flour. The sugar will be a bit more tricky.

I still want to make chocolate chip cookies and cakes for their birthdays and such. I just want them to be a bit more healthy. Last year 2012, when baking I would use half wheat flour and half white, and the family did okay with it.

I’m happy to report that I have had not eaten any refined food for 8 whole days. I’ll write more about it later. I used up the children’s nap time already and must start preparing supper.


  1. Sounds awesome, Linda!

    I just made gluten free chocolate chip cookies and they were so good! Okay, only two of my children liked them, but I loved them! Everything takes a little time to get used to. Love your changes. Sugar is going to be very hard for us to omit, but we have limited it more than what we used to have. I too don't make a big deal if I eat something at someone else's house, but I try not to have any wheat because of the bathroom issue I have immediately after. I have kept up my not eating wheat or anything with wheat, but sugar has been tougher.

    :) I used to love the Naked Juice, but for some reason it still made me dizzy.

    I have been drinking almond milk for years. I find it so tasty! My kids still drink whole milk, though. I'm fine with dairy...I mean it doesn't make me sick as long as I don't have it mixed with anything with wheat. :)


    Dee :)

    ps the gluten free chocolate chip cookies I made were from Bob's Red Mill. I also love their almond flour for almond pancakes. This weekend I'm trying out my second gluten free/wheat free cornbread. The first brand I bought was not that great, but this one got great ratings. I'll post about it if it comes out good. I'll also post about it if it comes out terrible. Cooking without white flour is tricky, but not impossible. The web is filled with awesome tried and tested recipes.


  2. Yummy, sounds good Dee.I want to try some almond pancakes. Sounds like you are having fun experimenting in the kitchen. I am too =)


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